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11 Indicators Somebody Has a Fragile Ego [+Tips On Fixing One]


Our ego – or shallowness is our relationship with ourselves, and it shapes how we relate to ourselves and others. 

The ego is a vital element of somebody’s persona, which is why I’m going to show you to acknowledge if somebody (together with your self) has a fragile ego, what does this imply, easy methods to deal with that relationship, and finally, how can a fragile ego be improved.

What does it imply to have a fragile ego?

To know what it means to have a fragile ego, you will need to first perceive what the ego is. 

The ego – or shallowness, is an idea that refers to somebody’s picture about themselves, particularly regarding the beliefs they’ve about their very own worth.

The primary psychologist to ever communicate in regards to the ego was Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis. 

Freud described the ego as “that facet of the human persona which displays the non-public beliefs in regards to the self, regulates the self-image and maintains stability between the id, the superego and the calls for of the true world”. 

To place it shortly, he believed that the human persona has 3 elements : 

  • The id – the facet that comprises all of the primal, natural tendencies and impulses
  • The superego – the alternative of the id, the moralistic facet which all the time tries to be excellent
  • The ego – the rational facet of the persona, which has to discover a compromise between the opposite two, and which holds a practical view of how the individual is

Thus, the function of the ego is essential – not solely does it have to take care of stability between the id and the superego, nevertheless it additionally has to adapt the persona to the calls for of society. 

Many psychologists have taken this idea from Freud and spoke in regards to the ego, utilizing it as a phrase to primarily describe the self-image, self-worth, and even the sense of self-pride. 

Now that you just perceive what the ego is, I’m going to clarify what it means to have a fragile ego.

Within the basic sense, a fragile ego refers to an unstable self-image, constructed on a weak basis, which lacks  shallowness and a way of self-worth.

To acknowledge this trait in you or others, take a look on the following 11 indicators that somebody has a fragile ego:

11 Indicators a Particular person Has a Fragile Ego

Showing signs of a fragile ego

#1. Simply offended

An individual with a fragile ego might be simply offended by trivial issues, equivalent to somebody having a special opinion from theirs, somebody giving them trustworthy suggestions, or seeing somebody dwelling in a method that defies their private values.

They are going to have a strict algorithm, round which they count on everybody to align, they usually have the tendency to take the whole lot personally. 

An individual with a fragile ego could haven’t obtained unconditional love throughout childhood. 

The love they got was conditioned by numerous components, equivalent to their grades, their angle, and so forth. 

Their dad and mom determined when and in the event that they deserved love, based on their values and norms.

Love was by no means “at no cost”, they weren’t “worthy” of affection simply because they existed – they needed to earn it.

Thus, they too realized to evaluate and consider individuals based on a sure algorithm which they think about to be necessary. 

They may even use the identical algorithm that their dad and mom used, and never perceive why individuals inform them that they’re too “delicate” or “troublesome”. 

#2. The should be the focus 

An individual with a fragile ego often must be the focus, as a result of throughout childhood they lacked the eye and connection they wanted. 

They grew up as emotionally disadvantaged kids, and this may be kind of apparent, as generally dad and mom had been bodily current however emotionally disconnected.

 As former emotionally disadvantaged kids, they’re now the adults who attempt to take the eye and affection they want from different individuals of their life. 

However because the ache of the emotionally disadvantaged kids may be very deep, till they heal that wound, the means by which they are going to attempt to earn consideration and affection is not going to all the time be the most effective means.

As real affection is a bit more durable to obtain, they are going to attempt to do their greatest to obtain consideration in any respect prices.

This want for consideration might be fairly apparent, as a result of they are going to flip most conversations into conversations about them, and can attempt to be the focus at occasions that had been genuinely about different individuals, equivalent to weddings and birthdays. 

#3. Indecisiveness

 An individual with a fragile ego will discover it very exhausting to make selections as a result of they lack belief in their very own judgment. 

You acknowledge an individual with a fragile ego by how lengthy they postpone choice making even when the choice it’s pressing. 

They are going to ask different individuals what they really feel prefer it’s the proper choice, will change their thoughts a number of occasions and after they make the ultimate choice, they are going to nonetheless be conflicted about it. 

Not with the ability to make selections also can appear like altering their thoughts out of the blue, and making numerous sudden adjustments within the plans you’ve made collectively, generally even with out consulting with you.

#4. Cares deeply about appearances

Somone with a fragile ego

An individual with a fragile ego will care deeply about appearances and about what different individuals take into consideration them. 

They are going to need to be regarded in optimistic methods, as superior beings, from many factors of view. 

They are going to need to be seen as somebody with social standing, cash, fancy garments,  attractiveness, costly vehicles, as somebody very intelligent or literate, and so forth. 

Their worst nightmare is that individuals will discover out about their flaws or will see them in susceptible circumstances. 

#5. By no means forgives

An individual with a fragile ego doesn’t know easy methods to forgive, or in the event that they forgive, they don’t fairly overlook. 

The explanation why an individual with a fragile ego doesn’t forgive is that they’ve numerous delight and conceitedness of their persona. 

Conceitedness is current when an individual hasn’t obtained the love they wanted in childhood, and for this reason they lack real shallowness and is called the angle that “ I’m higher than you”.

Deep of their unconscious has been rooted the assumption that they don’t seem to be worthy, thus, they are going to construct a false self, which must be higher than anybody else to compensate for the ache of the true self, which was informed not directly that it isn’t worthy of affection, affection, good issues, and so forth. 

Now, if an individual has numerous delight and conceitedness, acquired as a protection mechanism meant to guard them towards their very own perception that they don’t seem to be worthy, think about how unhealthy it’s for them to be harm or offended by somebody, even when unintentionally.

As they handle to consider that they’re higher than anybody else, they consider they need to by no means be harm or offended, as a result of they’re “superior”. 

 Thus, they won’t know easy methods to cope with the unavoidable conditions wherein they are going to be harm – similar to all of us are in some unspecified time in the future, and might be unable to forgive.

#6. Afraid of failure

An individual with a fragile ego may be very afraid of failure, for a similar purpose talked about earlier than – throughout their childhood they had been typically judged or liked / not liked based on the performances they achieved. 

Thus, they internalized the assumption that their worth as an individual depends upon their outcomes and performances, in distinction to the wholesome perception that deserves unconditional love and appreciation.

This perception affected their shallowness in a damaging method, making them dependent upon outcomes, and probably turning them into overachievers. 

The concern of failure can be deeply rooted within the lack of self-love they acquired because of the lack of parental love. 

#7. Perfectionism

Perfectionism goes hand in hand with the concern of failure. An individual who’s afraid to fail in life might be obsessive about being excellent in each side of life. 

Perfectionism goes past wanting to reach life. A perfectionist individual doesn’t tolerate something of their surroundings to be lower than excellent – their home, their hair, garments, and many others.

An individual turns into a perfectionist when their dad and mom had very excessive expectations they usually had been all the time informed to be excellent, and once more, they solely obtained love and acceptance in the event that they managed to realize perfection (measured by their dad and mom’ requirements).

They lack genuine self-love, to allow them to love and settle for themselves as individuals solely after they have executed the whole lot completely, simply as they had been required throughout childhood.

#8. Aggression

Aggression can be a sign of a fragile ego

Aggression is one other trait of an individual with a fragile ego. 

Aggression is the angle adopted by individuals who don’t consider they’ll achieve life or get what they need with out utilizing pressure. 

This might be because of seeing aggression steadily as chidren, manifested by their dad and mom or anybody whom they’ve regarded as much as.

One more reason for aggression might be numerous frustration bottled up in conditions when their wants weren’t met, each throughout childhood and maturity. 

When their wants weren’t met, they realized that don’t should have their wants met and thus to be glad, so that they grew up and not using a sense of self-worth and developed a fragile, unhealthy ego as compensation. 

This fragile, unhealthy ego is constructed on conceitedness, aggression, and manipulation as a result of these are the one instruments that the individual has realized to make use of – in distinction to studying easy methods to use open communication and honesty.

#9. Must be proper on a regular basis

An individual with a fragile ego must be proper on a regular basis and doesn’t tolerate opinions completely different from theirs. 

In addition they hate dropping a debate or an argument and usually are not afraid to make use of any harmful “weapons”, equivalent to manipulation, aggression, and humiliation of the opposite individual, to be able to be proper. 

#10. May be very insecure 

An individual with a fragile ego will present how insecure they actually in conditions wherein they’re burdened and/or susceptible. 

After they should go within the pursuit of what they need, to compete for one thing, or to make decisions, they are going to be fearful and insecure. 

They’re additionally insecure about their actual qualities, and when they’re susceptible and trustworthy will specific an enormous lack of belief in their very own skills.

#11. Pretends they’re somebody they’re not

As an individual with a fragile ego has realized that they don’t seem to be sufficient, they’re used to pretending that they’re one thing that they’re not. 

This will fluctuate from pretending they’re richer, extra literate, or that they like different issues than what they often like, to impress a sure individual, or to acquire sure advantages.

They don’t have belief in their very own skills to acquire what they need, subsequently, for them, it makes excellent sense to lie and faux to be able to acquire what they need. 

What causes a fragile ego?

The cause of a fragile ego

A fragile ego is inbuilt early childhood, in kids who didn’t obtain unconditional love and acceptance, and didn’t have their wants totally met, however quite had been typically criticized, uncared for, or abused, and someway internalized the concept that they “usually are not worthy or useful”. 

Thus, now as adults, they lack self-worth, shallowness, and a transparent picture of who they’re. Thus, they needed to construct and develop a false ego based mostly on a compensatory perception that “I’m higher than anybody else”, to assist themselves survive the ache of not being worthy or useful.

This false ego is the delicate ego described earlier than, which may be very insecure, troublesome to cope with generally can manifest conceitedness and use manipulation or aggression to get what it needs.

Does a Narcissist have a fragile ego?

Apparently, lots of people ask there’s a connection between being a narcissist and having a fragile ego. 

It is a superb query as a result of having a fragile ego is without doubt one of the foremost traits of a narcissist. 

Not all individuals with fragile egos are narcissists, nonetheless, all narcissists have fragile egos.

Narcissists are individuals who have severely lacked love and acceptance throughout their childhood and have turn into masters at creating the false self I used to be telling you about. 

One trait that defines narcissists is manifesting “delusions of grandeur”.

Delusions of grandeur are concepts and beliefs based on which the whole lot about them is particular – the way in which they’re, what they put on, what they do, who they know, and so forth. 

They’ll, for instance,l consider they’re wealthy and highly effective even when they don’t seem to be, or that they’re protected by highly effective individuals even when this isn’t the case. 

They’ll additionally want to purchase very costly or distinctive objects, even when they don’t afford them, as a result of they should be particular and deserve the very best.

Even in a accomplice, a narcissist may have very excessive expectations, will search for perfection and can deal with the individual like an object that has to “tick all their containers”. When this doesn’t occur, they are going to eliminate the individual with out pondering twice, and can search for one other “trophy”.

This occurs to compensate for a way depressing they felt throughout childhood, and it’s almost certainly to come back alongside a fragile ego – a self-image that’s not constructed upon actuality and can result in a  lot of insecurity, manipulation, and generally even aggression (verbal or bodily). 

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Is There Extra Tendency to Have a Fragile Ego in Males than Girls?

Fragile ego in men

From my perspective, I wouldn’t say a fragile ego is extra frequent in males than girls. 

I consider that each genders are equally susceptible to creating a fragile ego, relying on how a lot love, acceptance and understanding they obtained throughout childhood.

Due to this fact, if I used to be to call one issue that may be instantly linked to a fragile ego, is an sad childhood, quite than the gender of the individual.

How can I enhance my fragile ego?

The excellent news is {that a} fragile ego could be improved, and anybody can develop wholesome shallowness. 

Listed below are a couple of strategies for enhancing your fragile ego: 

#1. Focus in your qualities – make an inventory of all of your qualities, and browse it steadily, to spice up your self-confidence.

#2. Do internal youngster work – as the basis reason behind your fragile ego is your childhood, internal youngster work is excellent for enhancing your fragile ego. 

#3. Provide your self unconditional love and acceptance – attempt to transcend what different individuals assume, and provide your self unconditional love and acceptance even if you fail or if you can’t be excellent.

#4. Work on the connection together with your dad and mom – bringing love and forgiveness within the relationship together with your dad and mom, will provide you with a greater mind-set and a strong confidence enhance, in addition to a deeper understanding of how your fragile ego was constructed and easy methods to substitute it with real shallowness.

#5. Begin a long run remedy course of – one of the best ways to construct strong, genuine shallowness, is to decide on a great therapist and to begin a long run therapeutic course of.

In case you assume that you just or somebody near you might have a fragile ego, share your story with us within the remark part under! 

Additionally, I might love to listen to your opinion about this text  and if and the way it has helped you heal a fragile ego.

11 Signs Someone Has a Fragile Ego [+Tips On Fixing One]11 Signs Someone Has a Fragile Ego [+Tips On Fixing One]


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