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Better Good Assets for Peace and Battle


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Right here on the Better Good Science Heart, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is scary a variety of feelings: disappointment, anger, worry, and extra. We’re studying the information each day and wishing that there have been extra we might do to assist.

As an academic nonprofit, one of the best we will do, maybe, is to remind ourselves and our readers that peace is at all times doable, the overwhelming majority of individuals resist killing, even essentially the most violent primates are able to change, there are steps we will all take to bridge our variations, and activism could make the world a greater place. We’ve gathered articles beneath that will help you perceive the roots of peace, warfare, and reconciliation; get entangled in activism; and help your well-being and your kids’s—together with reminders of human goodness in instances of battle. 

In case you’d wish to discover a extra direct option to help the individuals of Ukraine, our associates at KQED created this wonderful listing of organizations addressing the human crises that warfare creates. We hope you’ll contemplate making a donation to considered one of them.

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Selling peace and reconciliation
Reminders of human goodness
How political apology and forgiveness works
Assets for well-being and activism
Assets for kids’s well-being

Selling peace and reconciliation

  • What Can We Be taught From the World’s Most Peaceable Societies?: A multidisciplinary staff of researchers is discovering what makes some societies extra peaceable than others.
  • Why Is There Peace?: Violence is declining, argues psychologist Steven Pinker. What are we doing proper?
  • Fact and Reconciliation: Forgiveness isn’t just personally rewarding. It’s additionally a political necessity, says Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He explains how forgiveness allowed South Africans to think about a brand new starting—one based mostly on honesty, peace, and compassion.

Reminders of human goodness

  • Hope on the Battlefield: Navy leaders know a secret: The overwhelming majority of individuals are overwhelmingly reluctant to take a human life.
  • Braveness Underneath Fireplace: When the Bosnian civil warfare broke out, Svetlana Broz looked for the humanity behind the horrific headlines. She discovered tales of people that risked their lives to assist victims of the warfare—and who impressed others to comply with their instance.
  • Worlds With out Warfare: Ethnographic research discover that not all societies make warfare. In different phrases, warfare just isn’t intrinsic to humankind.
  • Past Intercourse and Violence: Opposite to the everyday view, violence is one thing people resort to out of worry—or attempt to keep away from altogether.
  • Steven Pinker’s Historical past of (Non)Violence: The psychologist’s e-book The Higher Angels of Our Nature explains how violence has declined over human historical past.

How political apology and forgiveness works

Assets for well-being and activism

Assets for kids’s well-being


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