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Escaping The Phantasm Of Time And Discovering The ‘Now’


We people wrestle a lot with such earnestness and angst about issues, points, choices, and judgments when 99% of it’s an phantasm. And even that consciousness might be equally upsetting.

I’ve present in my analysis that this 99% phantasm is primarily composed of our incapability to or lack of deal with the current second. NOW is who you’re. NOW is the place heaven is. NOW is concurrently the best way and the vacation spot. NOW is dwelling.

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Realizing the phantasm

Check out what you have got been worrying about. Is any of it really occurring NOW, or is it actually occurring prior to now or the longer term? One double-edged functionality all of us have is to place our ideas and our emotions into the previous or the longer term. If I used to be to ask you if you’re within the current second if you find yourself crying, you’d say “sure” as a result of that sorrow appears to be occurring proper now. In case you are in bodily ache, you’ll most actually declare to be within the current second, if for no different cause than the ache itself appears to power you there. However that is, as soon as once more, an phantasm.

Ache, struggling, grief, jealousy, anger, and the remainder of what we consult with as “unfavourable” feelings are actually all linked collectively in a form of past-experience matrix. The concern of ache, struggling, and many others. is a future projection linked to that matrix. Ache, particularly whether it is excruciating, convinces us that the NOW is painful and forces us right into a “future” the place that ache is gone. And with continual ache, melancholy units in from dwelling in a desperately desired future that by no means comes.

Take note of pleasure

The large “SECRET” is that we’re all hard-wired for pleasure, and that pleasure is simply discovered within the current second. I say “hard-wired” as a result of pleasure is the fundamental and primal driving justification for existence. ALL of our consideration, intention, and striving is for one function, and one function solely: JOY. As a famed mystic and mental, Alan Watts stated, “Ecstasy, by one street or one other, is inevitable.” I might enterprise to say that the explanation that is hard-wired is as a result of THAT is WHO WE ARE, and that is mirrored in our brain-body-mind.

The “street” Watts refers to is manufactured from resolution and intention. We resolve to depart the previous and the longer term and intend to expertise pleasure. The house between leaving the non-present, and coming into into the now, is what we name “time”. Have you ever seen that if you find yourself absolutely in pleasure, and even simply actually glad, time fades away? And but, once we are in ache, time appears to go on endlessly.

One conundrum of human existence is that pleasure is the one factor that brings us into the current second. It’s all the time an possibility, and as such is only a resolution away. It might be a chirping fowl, the candy scent of a rose wafting by way of the air, fluffy clouds in a deeply blue sky, infinite stars in a cloudless sky…or, the sense of respiratory within the candy, dwelling air, the faint pulse of your coronary heart in your knees, the great therapeutic warmth of rubbing your fingers collectively. No matter it’s, it will possibly instantly deliver you to now.

This can be a talent. However there’s an over-arching precept right here that’s vital: What you take note of expands. The extra pleasure you resolve to understand, the extra pleasure turns into obvious and can crowd out any ache and struggling. Proceed to be with pleasure, and shortly your life will mirror again to you increasingly more causes for pleasure. And since pleasure is who and what you’re, this will occur in a short time. Appreciation and gratitude are extra expertise to use in attending to now.

Having religion

The opposite “secret” that all of us actually know is what some name “religion”, others name “contextualizing”. We’ve “religion” that what we expect is occurring to us is optimistic and leads us to extra pleasure, extra therapeutic, extra happiness. Referring again to Watts’ assertion that “ecstasy is inevitable,” all of us get there, both in life or by dying.

For instance, one particular person is dealing with an aching knee and “has religion” or contextualizes that he’s “getting previous” and the knee is breaking down. Alarmed, he visits his physician who runs a few exams and though there was nothing conclusive, the knee could also be arthritic and subscribes to varied medicine for the ache and irritation. Additional alarmed, this particular person has now determined he has arthritis in his knee, and if he doesn’t take the medicine the ache is worse. Quickly, x-rays present that the cartilage within the knee is shrinking, and shortly the physician recommends surgical procedure.

However, an individual with ache in his knee has religion that it’s a new vitality sample to enhance or heal a weak knee. The particular person is worked up about having a healed knee, and in a number of days, the ache is gone, and the knee feels stronger.

Within the first case, the particular person has stepped away from the current second into futures of ache and struggling. Within the second instance, the particular person has chosen to step into the enjoyment of the now and the therapeutic of the knee.

In each circumstances, the place the eye went is what expanded.

Permit the choice of pleasure at each alternative. Train that talent and it’ll develop stronger and more practical. Let the ache and fear of life be a cue to seek out the enjoyment, and shortly the Actual Ecstatic You is revealed in all its wondrous therapeutic glory.


Victoria Joy
I am an independent lady, working hard to share my ideas from my experiences to the whole world. I want people to be happier and to understand that your life is very very important. Walk with me and experience the beauty this world can offer by following simple logical steps.


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