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In the event you’ve been lacking hyperlinks


David S.
Oderberg asks “Is
Prime Matter Vitality?”
within the Australasian
Journal of Philosophy
.  Additionally, Oderberg
on the “Precept
of Ample Motive,”
in The
Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Faith
, edited by Stewart Goetz
and Charles Taliaferro.

On the Claremont Overview of Books, Joseph M.
Bessette units out a critique of
the Eastman memos

Nichols on the
Herbert McCabe he knew
, at The

At UnHerd, Thomas Fazi and Toby Inexperienced make the
left-wing case in opposition to vaccine mandates
.  At The
, Alex Gutentag on the
continuous, unacknowledged, shifts in professional opinion about Covid-19
.  “Necessary panic”: Freddie deBoer on Covid
because the liberal 9/11
.  A Johns
Hopkins College examine concludes
lockdowns did no good and prompted a lot injury.

One famed
cartoonist’s graphic novel about one other. 
Forbes on
unusual story of The Unusual Demise of
Alex Raymond
.  At The Nation, J. Hoberman evaluations
Paul Hirsch’s Pulp
Empire: The Secret Historical past of Comedian Ebook Imperialism

Tim Crane on
science can’t state all of the information
, at IAI.

At The European Conservative, Hélène de
Lauzun on the
delusion that medieval Europeans believed the Earth to be flat

Dominic Rooney on “Being
a ‘not-quite-Buddhist theist,’”
in Spiritual Research.

At Notre Dame Philosophical Evaluations, Bryan
Reece evaluations
David Charles’ e-book The
Undivided Self: Aristotle and the ‘Thoughts-Physique’ Downside

At Substack,
Richard Hanania on why
liberals have come to view Russia because the Nice Devil

John Tierney
alcohol and civilization
, at Metropolis

Chatterton Williams on encountering
Thomas Sowell
, at AIER.

Don Devine
on the
conservative debate over John Locke
, at The American Spectator.

Cathy Younger
on when
the transgender motion jumped the shark
, at Arc Digital.  At Areo, Richard Dawkins on why
intercourse is fairly rattling binary
Thinker and U.S. Military veteran Michael Robillard on transgenderism
within the army

New papers
by Thomas Pink: “Closing Causation”
and “On
Dignitatis Humanae: A Reply to Thomas

At The Postliberal Order, Chad Pecknold on the
therapists of decline
and Patrick Deneen on conservatism
as hospice care

Sempa on Spengler,
Toynbee, Burnham, and the decline of the West
, at The College Bookman.  At The
New Criterion
, Andrew Roberts considers what a world
with out the West would have been like

In Spiritual Research, Enric Gel asks: “How
many and why? A query for Graham Oppy that classical theism can reply.”

Tractatus at 100: a
symposium at IAI

convention on Second Scholasticism, Analytical Metaphysics, and Christian

was hosted by the Catholic Theological School in Prague final October, with
displays by Gyula Klima, Michael Gorman, and plenty of others.  Through YouTube, you may nonetheless watch the first,
and third classes.

The Pull Request interviews historian Niall Ferguson:
and half

At 3:16, Richard Marshall interviews
Benjamin Lipscomb
about his e-book The
Girls Are As much as One thing: How Elizabeth Anscombe, Philippa Foot, Mary Midgley,
and Iris Murdoch Revolutionized Ethics
.  The e-book is reviewed
at Prospect
.  Thomas Nagel feedback within the London Overview of Books.

On the
Classical Theism Podcast, John DeRosa interviews James Dolezal about the Trinity and
divine simplicity
, Chris Tomaszewski about divine simplicity and William
Lane Craig
, and John Knasas about Aquinas’s metaphysics.

story behind Steely Dan’s “Rikki Do not Lose That Quantity,”
at Far Out.  Vulture on how
the Eagles’ Don Henley nearly did vocals for Steely Dan’s “Peg.”

Nagasawa is
at What Is It Like
to Be a Thinker?

Commonweal on Pope Pius XII and
John Courtney Murray
.  At Eerdword, Matthew Levering discusses
his new e-book The
Abuse of Conscience: A Century of Catholic Ethical Theology

At UnHerd, thinker Arif Ahmed on how
our universities turned sheep factories
.  At Spiked,
Ahmed on how
Cambridge College uncancelled Jordan Peterson
.  On the Nationwide
, Peterson on why
he’s not a tenured professor on the College of Toronto

Grubaugh on Hannah
Arendt on anti-racism as a totalitarian ideology
, on the Pill. 
Important Race Idea indoctrination: the
youngsters don’t prefer it
, experiences Robby Soave at Motive.  John McWhorter,
creator of Woke
, is interviewed about
the e-book
and about Robin
DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi
.  At The Upheaval, N. S. Lyons argues that woke
madness is nowhere near being over

Catholic College has launched the Ethics Finder web site.  A video explains.

At The Spectator, Sam Leith argues that the
fashionable financial system is constructed on habit


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