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Interview with Stephen Chong, writer of The Afterlife, a Journey To


Stephen Chong is the writer of The Afterlife, a Journey To. ‘The Afterlife’ is a ebook that takes the reader into and thru Heaven’s many ranges or portals – a bit like a scenic railway tour. The ebook is written as a novel. Stephen explains the ebook was written across the time when horrendous tales have been rising concerning the abuse of kids inside spiritual orders and different establishments. He then wrote a brief story (primarily, chapter one of many ebook) about what occurs after dying to these complicit within the technique of denial and abuse.

One of many principal characters – ‘the Bishop’, upon his dying, has to face the implications of his actions – on this case, his self-righteousness and insouciance to the reality. For the narrator, Athar, his is a journey informed from the horrors of abuse by the clergy and his subsequent suicide, that plots his path by way of heaven with the sword of forgiveness in his proper hand and the scepter of affection in his left.

In our dialog we speak concerning the following:

  • What the totally different ranges of Heaven appear like in his ebook
  • How folks can proceed to develop, evolve, and observe forgiveness in Heaven
  • How youngsters and other people with bodily disabilities are taken care of in Heaven
  • His beliefs about life after dying

Stephen’s concepts about Heaven and the Afterlife helped me enhance my religion and hope that my family members and myself can be taken care of after dying. It additionally inspired me to dwell my life in a method that’s extra in line with my Soul Function.

For extra info please go to his web site at:


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