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Is Mephobia (Worry of Being Superior) A Actual Factor?


For the reason that daybreak of time, the true nature of humanity has all the time been a trigger for debate. Some argue that selfishness and self-preservation are the true nature of humankind. This perception additionally serves as the premise for the argument that true altruism can by no means exist. Some pose the counterargument that people are born pure and unadulterated. As well as, they argue that it’s the varied interactions and experiences with the atmosphere that soils that purity.

What then can we consider? In my trustworthy opinion, I consider that the true nature of humanity rests in our fears and self-expression. It solely is sensible that an individual’s fears offer you a key into the soul of that particular person. This logic holds since fears are rooted in traumatic or life-changing experiences. As is commonly stated, “we’re the merchandise of all our experiences.”

Take, for instance, a person who fears failure. Because of that worry, such a person may develop as much as be a perfectionist, placing in monumental effort to clinch success. That worry of failure basically tells us that we’re coping with a goal-driven particular person. Equally, the worry of shedding family members tells us in regards to the robust household bonds such a person possesses. Finally, I consider that our fears are keys to the inside workings of our souls.

Now that you’ve got a grasp of the nuances of worry, we will transfer on to the topic at hand. This text shall talk about the inside workings of probably the most ludicrous but partaking ideas recognized to man; mephobia!

What’s Mephobia?

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The time period mephobia comes from two phrases: “me,” referring to oneself and “phobia,” referring to an irrational and protracted worry of an object or circumstance.

Finally, mephobia encapsulates the worry of success being too nice to the extent that humanity can not deal with it and suffers premature destruction. In looser phrases, the city dictionary defines mephobia as “the worry of turning into so superior that the human race can’t deal with it and everyone dies.”

At first look, everything of this idea appears totally absurd. Upon nearer inspection, the idea nonetheless seems ludicrous! How can one’s success be so nice that it might trigger the loss of life of humankind? Is that even doable? How can a single particular person have an effect on everything of humanity?

Whereas the idea appears totally unacceptable, there are some cheap facets of mephobia. Take, for instance, the worry of success. This worry is kind of logical as some individuals are genuinely afraid of what they’re able to. Some don’t even really feel like they should be able to nice issues. This idea varieties the premise of impostor syndrome. We will completely talk about these ideas in the middle of this text.

Now that we have now obtained conceptual clarification allow us to talk about the nuances and psychology behind mephobia.

The Nuances and the Psychology Behind Mephobia

At any time when I consider mephobia, one idea constantly pops into my head with out fail: narcissism! The thought that your awesomeness might finish the human race shouldn’t be solely ludicrous however immensely narcissistic. How self-absorbed can a person be to genuinely consider that the human race can not deal with their greatness?

Whereas it’s completely high quality to consider that you simply’re able to magnificent issues (I believe all of us are, no matter our backgrounds), I discover it fairly disturbing that a person might consider that his greatness comes on the expense of the human race.

Some argue that the person fears this success (seeing because it comes at humanity’s detriment). They are saying that this exudes modesty relatively than narcissism. I view this as an impure, diluted type of modesty. What good is the modesty of a person whether it is born out of narcissism? Some may marvel why I see narcissism as the inspiration of this fake modesty.

This view is owing to the unmistakable proven fact that the preliminary thought that your greatness might result in the detriment of humanity can solely come from a self-absorbed soul.

Nonetheless, I don’t assume that narcissism is all that there’s to mephobia. I consider that impostor syndrome additionally performs its honest half. We will talk about these pillars of mephobia within the subsequent part of this text.

The Pillars of Mephobia

As I mentioned earlier, everything of mephobia is rooted within the core ideas of impostor syndrome and narcissism. Finally, mephobia could be simply cut up into two core rules or ideas.

The primary is the thought that you simply’re not deserving of success or reaching outstanding issues. This thought can simply lead you to worry the very nature of success so that you simply wouldn’t should really feel like a fraud. This precept is akin to impostor syndrome.

The second core precept is the thought that your success may very well be so nice that it will result in the destruction of humanity. The self-absorption required to view a state of affairs in such a egocentric method can solely be accredited to narcissism. These two core ideas are completely defined beneath.

Impostor Syndrome

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In response to current research, practically 70% of people have skilled some type of impostor syndrome of their life. As such, its significance can’t be overstated.

Impostor syndrome is an inside perception that you’re incompetent and underserving of your present place or achievements. In essence, impostor syndrome makes you are feeling that you’re not as competent and reliable as different individuals assume you’re. In extreme instances, this might result in a real worry of success.

This worry of success is our subject of concern. To sum it up, the worry of success is the primary pillar of mephobia. You see, this worry serves as the inspiration of the phobia in itself. When people worry their success and skill, they might discover some ludicrous motive not to achieve success. You guessed it! That ludicrous motive is the premise of mephobia.


Narcissism is the second pillar of mephobia. With out it, mephobia can be a extreme case of impostor syndrome. In easy phrases, narcissism is immense self-absorption or self-involvement to the extent that the person in query fully ignores the wants of these round them. I name it the crème de la crème of selfishness.

Often, everybody shows some type of narcissism in somehow. Narcissism has many faces, similar to being absorbed by a brand new job or a faculty mission. Nonetheless, true narcissism exists when one fully discards the emotions of others.

At this level, one may marvel what narcissism might should do with mephobia. It’s easy. I consider that a person have to be actually self-absorbed to think about that their impending success might wipe out everything of humanity.

Once you couple this narcissism with the impostor syndrome, you’d simply arrive at mephobia.

To sum it up, mephobia is undeniably a daft but intriguing idea. The entire idea appears ridiculous. Nonetheless, whenever you break it down into its core ideas, you start to search out some which means behind the insanity. You probably have any reservations, please go to our FAQ part beneath.

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQs)

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Q: Is mephobia an actual dysfunction?

A: No. Formally, the American Psychological Affiliation doesn’t acknowledge mephobia as an precise dysfunction. Nonetheless, its core ideas (impostor syndrome and narcissism) are acknowledged social problems.

Q: If I’m frightened of my success, does that imply I’ve mephobia?

A: Completely not! We’ve already ascertained that mephobia shouldn’t be a acknowledged dysfunction. If you happen to’re frightened of your success and capabilities, you most likely have a extreme type of impostor syndrome.

Q: Is there a check for mephobia?

A: Nope. There aren’t even assessments for acknowledged phobias similar to megalophobia. Nonetheless, analysis can solely be carried out by a educated skilled. If you happen to’re feeling some signs of extreme impostor syndrome or narcissism, I counsel you search assist from a educated skilled.


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