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Mantra to Destroy Tantra-Mantra Performed By Enemies


On this submit, I’ve written a couple of easy and easy-to-chant Mantra to take away, annihilate, or revert any form of unfavorable power, together with Tantrik Rituals, Mantras, and different dangerous and harmful Voodoo Spells. The Mantra additionally repulses different unfavorable frequencies, together with curses and the evil eye.

Origin of this Mantra: This Mantra is predicated upon the Names of Shri Hanuman, Medha Dakshinamurthy [ the South Direction Facing Lord Shiva], and Lord Ganesha, that are discovered within the Sahasranama Stotras of those deities. Therefore, that is an genuine and dependable Hindu Mantra Chant for eradicating, destroying, repulsing, or reverting Blackmagic and Mantra-Tantra did by an enemy.

Easy methods to chant the Mantra to take away and destroy Tantra-Mantra carried out by enemies:
1] The Mantra may be chanted as and when required, which signifies that the practitioner can preserve
chanting the Mantra each time he’s apprehensive and really feel nervous and frightened that his enemies have solid some or the opposite form of Tantrik Spells, like Uchchatan, Vashikaran, or any comparable spell. This Jadu-Tona Exorcism Mantra could be very appropriate for most individuals, together with superior practitioners and newcomers. 

2] The Mantra will also be chanted if the practitioner is suspicious that he’s the sufferer of any form of curse or evil-eye or if he’s being focused by any form of unknown unfavorable power.

Blackmagic Spells Destroying Mantra

ॐ पराभिचार-शमनाय नमः ||
Om Parabhichara-shamanaya Namah ||

3] If the practitioner resides underneath fixed risk of Tantrik Spells or curses, then, he can chant the Mantra for no less than 5 minutes within the morning or at bedtime, or if he needs he can chant the Mantra for a set variety of days by taking a easy pledge to take action.

4] Particular guidelines, together with these associated to counting rosary, sitting mat, path, or worship are usually not relevant for this Mantra. The Mantra must be both devoted to Shri Ganesha, Lord Shiva, or Shri Hanuman relying upon the preferences of the practitioner.

Which means of this Mantra in English and Hindi:
I Salute Lord Shiva / Shri Ganesha / Hanuman Bhagwan, who destroys or reverses Jaran-Maran, Mohan-Vashikaran and different evil-actions of enemies / शत्रु के जारण-मारण मोहन-वशीकरण आदि अभिचारों को शमन करने वाले शिवजी, श्री गणेश / हनुमान भगवान को मेरा नमन।

Notes: The Hindi language video of this Mantra may be seen on our YouTube Channel: Mantra to Destroy or Reverse Tantra-Mantra Performed By Enemies

Al sorts of Uchchatan, Maran, Videshan, Stambhan and different Karma associated to enemies and foes may be seen within the part on Shatru Vinashak Mantras and Tantra


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