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Papamochani Ekadashi – 20 Mar 2020 |



Addressing Lord Sri Krishna, Yudhishthira Maharaja stated, “O Supreme Lord, I want to hear in regards to the Ekadashi that happens in the course of the darkish fortnight of the month of Chaitra (March-April). What’s its title and what outcomes can one attain by observing it?”

Lord Sri Krishna, replied,

“O better of kings, for the good thing about everybody I shall describe to you the glories of this Ekadashi which is called Papamochani. The historical past of this Ekadasi was as soon as narrated to the emperor Mandhata by Lomasa Rishi.”

Lomasa Rishi narrates, “The Ekadashi that happens in the course of the darkish a part of the month of Chaitra is called Papamochani Ekadashi.  For the trustworthy devotee, it removes the influences of ghosts and demons. This Ekadashi additionally awards the eight perfections of life, fulfills every kind of needs and purifies one’s lifetime of all sinful reactions.

Now please hearken to a historic account regarding this Ekadashi and Chitraratha, the chief of the Gandharvas (heavenly musicians). In the course of the spring season, within the firm of heavenly dancing ladies, Chitraratha as soon as stumbled on a phenomenal forest with an excellent number of flowers. There he and the women joined Gandharvas and lots of Kinnaras, together with Lord Indra himself, the king of heaven, who was having fun with a go to there. Many sages have been additionally current; performing their austerities and penance.  The demigods significantly loved visiting this celestial backyard in the course of the months of Chaitra and Vaishakha [April-May].

An incredible sage named Medhavi resided in that forest and the very engaging dancing ladies would all the time try and seduce him. One well-known woman particularly, Manjughosha, contrived some ways to attract the exalted muni, however out of nice respect for the sage and concern of his energy, which he had attained after years and years of asceticism, she wouldn’t come very near him. At a spot two miles from the sage, she pitched a tent and started singing very sweetly as she performed a tamboura. Cupid himself turned excited when he noticed and heard her carry out so properly and smelled the perfume of her sandal-paste. He remembered his personal unlucky expertise with Lord Shiva and determined to take revenge by seducing Medhavi.

Cupid engaged Manjughosha as his assistant, and when she checked out that highly effective and engaging younger sage, she additionally turned agitated by lust. Seeing that he was extremely smart and discovered, sporting a clear white brahmana’s thread draped throughout his shoulder, holding a sannyasi’s employees, and sitting handsomely within the ashrama of Chyavana Rishi, Manjughosha got here earlier than him.

She started to sing seductively, and the small bells round her ankles, along with the bangles on her wrists, produced a pleasant musical symphony. Medhavi was enchanted. He understood that this stunning younger lady desired union with him, and at that immediate, Cupid elevated his attraction for Manjughosha by releasing his highly effective weapons of style, contact, sight, scent, and sound.

Manjughosha slowly approached Medhavi and embraced the sage along with her arms. Captivated, Medhavi gave up his meditation and determined to sport along with her – and immediately his purity of coronary heart and thoughts deserted him. Forgetting even the distinction between evening and day, he went away along with her to sport for an extended, very long time.

Seeing that the younger yogi’s sanctity had turn into critically eroded, Manjughosha determined to desert him and return residence. She stated, “O nice one, please allow me to return residence.”

Medhavi replied, “However you will have solely simply arrived, O stunning one. Please stick with me not less than till tomorrow.”

Terrified of the sage’s yogic energy, Manjughosha stayed with Medhavi for exactly fifty-seven years, 9 months, and three days, however to Medhavi, all this time appeared like a second. Once more she requested him, “Please allow me to go away.”

Medhavi replied, “O pricey one, hearken to me. Stick with me for yet another evening, after which you could depart tomorrow morning. Simply stick with me till after I’ve carried out my morning duties and chanted the sacred Gayathri mantra. Please wait till then.”

Manjughosha was nonetheless petrified of the sage’s nice yogic energy, however she pressured a smile and stated, “How lengthy will it take you to complete your morning hymns and rituals? Please be merciful and consider on a regular basis you will have already spent with me.”

The sage mirrored on the years he had been with Manjughosha after which stated with nice astonishment, “Why, I’ve spent greater than fifty-seven years with you!” His eyes turned pink and started to emanate sparks. He now regarded Manjughosha as dying personified and the destroyer of his non secular life. “You’ve got turned all of the hard-earned outcomes of my austerities to ashes!” He cursed Manjughosha “O degraded one! Could all horrible fortune be yours! I curse you to turn into an evil pishacha!”

Cursed by the sage Medhavi, the gorgeous Manjughosha humbly beseeched him, “O nice one, it’s stated that affiliation with pure devotees offers instant outcomes however their curses take impact solely after seven days. I’ve been with you for fifty-seven years, so please be form to me!”

Medhavi Muni replied, “You’ve got destroyed all my austerities. However although you will have carried out this sinful deed, I shall inform you a manner you could be launched from my wrath. At the hours of darkness fortnight of the month of Chaitra, there may be an all auspicious Ekadashi that removes all of 1’s sins. Its title is Papamochani, and whoever fasts on this sacred day turns into utterly free of having to take beginning in any sort of devilish type.”

With these phrases, the sage left directly for his father’s ashrama. Seeing him enter the hermitage, Chyavana Muni stated, “O son, by appearing unlawfully you will have squandered the wealth of your penances and austerities.”

Medhavi replied, “O Father, kindly reveal what atonement I have to carry out to take away the obnoxious sin I’ve incurred by privately associating with the dancing woman Manjughosha.”

Chyavana Muni answered, “Expensive son, you should quick on Papamochani Ekadashi which happens in the course of the darkish fortnight of the month of Chaitra. It eradicates all sins, regardless of how grievous they might be.”

Medhavi adopted his father’s recommendation and fasted on Papamochani Ekadashi. Thus all his sins have been destroyed and he once more turned full of wonderful benefit. Equally, Manjughosha noticed the identical quick and have become freed from the pishacha curse. Ascending as soon as once more to the heavenly spheres, she too returned to her former place.

Lomasa Rishi continued, ‘Thus, O king, the good good thing about fasting on Papamochani Ekadashi is that whoever does so with religion and devotion may have all his sins utterly destroyed.’

Sri Krishna concluded,

“O King Yudhishthira, whoever reads or hears about Papamochani Ekadashi, obtains the exact same benefit he would get if he donated a thousand cows in charity, and he additionally nullifies the sinful reactions he might have incurred by killing a brahmana, killing an embryo by means of abortion, consuming liquor, and so on. Such is the incalculable good thing about correctly observing this holy day of Papamochani Ekadashhi, which is so pricey to Me and so meritorious.”

This 12 months Papamochani Ekadashi falls on eighth April 2021.

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