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Sat-tila Ekadashi |


Gopala-Sat-tila Ekadasi

Sat-Tila Ekadashi is also referred to as Trisprisha Ekadashi. This Ekadashi happens at nighttime fortnight of the month of Magha(January/February). The glories of Sat-tila (pronounced ṣaṭ-tila, शट तिल) Ekadashi are narrated within the Bhavisyottara Purana in a dialog between the sage Dalbhya and Pulastya muni.

Dialog between Dalbhya Rishi and Palastya Muni

Sri Dalbhya Rishi mentioned to Palastya Muni, “When the spirit soul is available in contact with the fabric vitality, he turns into sinful and performs such heinous acts as stealing, killing, and illicit intercourse. He could even go to the extent of killing a brahmana.

“O purest of personalities! Please inform me how these unlucky souls could escape hellish punishments by simply easy austerities as providing a bit charity.” Pulastya Muni replied, “O lucky sage, you will have requested me an vital, confidential query. Please pay attention very fastidiously as I reply.

Observing Sat-tila Ekadashi

“On the arrival of the month of Magha (January – February), one ought to fastidiously management his senses by giving up lust, anger, delight, jealousy, fault-finding, and greed, and meditate on the Supreme Character of Godhead Lord Sri Krishna. On the day when the constellation of Purvashadha nakshatra arrives, he ought to bathe, acquire some cow dung earlier than it touches the bottom and after mixing it with sesame seeds and cotton, put together 108 balls from it. Then he ought to strictly observe magha krishna Ekadashi as I’ll now describe.

“After bathing, the aspirant ought to worship the Supreme Lord. Praying to Lord Sri Krishna by chanting His holy title, he ought to vow to watch the Ekadashi quick. The devotee ought to carry out an Arati to the Lord – the holder of the conch, disk, membership, and lotus – which incorporates making use of sandalwood paste to his ft and providing incense, camphor and a vivid ghee lamp. Naivedya (an providing of tasteful meals preparations) must be then provided to the Lord. He ought to maintain awake all evening and carry out a hearth sacrifice (homa). The devotee ought to supply the 108 balls of cow dung, sesame seeds, and cotton wool into the sacrificial fireplace of the homa whereas chanting the Purusha sukta hymns and the Lord’s holy names. He ought to then supply the Lord – pumpkin, coconut, and guava. If these things are unavailable, betel nut could also be substituted. All through the day and evening, the devotee ought to observe the usual Ekadashi vrata of fasting from all grains and beans.

“The devotee ought to pray to Lord Sri Janardana, the benefactor of all dwelling beings, thus: ‘O Lord Sri Krishna, You’re the most merciful Character of Godhead and the giver of liberation to the fallen souls. O Lord, we now have fallen into the ocean of fabric existence. Please be type to us. O lotus-eyed Lord, please settle for our humble, affectionate and respectful obeisances. O Supreme Spirit, origin of all forefathers, could You and Srimati Laxmi-devi, Your everlasting consort kindly settle for our humble choices.’

“The devotee ought to then attempt to please a professional brahmana with a heat welcome, a pot stuffed with water (purna kumbha), an umbrella, a pair of footwear, and garments (dhoti, and anga vastra). The devotee ought to request the brahmana to bestow his blessings for creating unalloyed love of Godhead. If means allow one should additionally donate a black cow to the brahmana, significantly if he’s nicely versed within the injunctions of Vedic scripture. One also needs to supply him a pot of sesame seeds.

Why Sat-tila Ekadashi is so named

“O exalted Dalbhya Muni, black sesame seeds are particularly appropriate for formal worship and fireplace sacrifices whereas white or brown ones are supposed to be eaten by a professional brahmana. One who can organize to provide each sorts of sesame seeds (black and white or brown) on this Sat-tila Ekadashi day shall be promoted not less than to the heavenly planets after leaving this current physique and can dwell there for as many 1000’s of years because the variety of seeds that will be produced if the seeds he donated had been sown within the floor and grew into mature, seed bearing vegetation. On this Ekadashi a devoted individual ought to:

  • bathe within the water combined with sesame seeds,
  • rub sesame seed paste on his physique,
  • supply sesame seeds into the hearth in sacrifice,
  • eat sesame seeds,
  • give sesame seeds away in charity,
  • settle for charitable presents of sesame seeds.

These are the six (sat) methods during which sesame seeds (tila) are utilised for non secular purification on this Ekadashi. Subsequently it’s referred to as Sat-tila Ekadashi.”

Lord Krishna’s Narration to Narada Muni

Palastya Muni continued, “The nice Devarishi Narada Muni as soon as requested the Supreme Character of Godhead, Sri Krishna, concerning the consequence one obtains by observing Sat-tila Ekadashi. Lord Krishna replied, ‘O better of the twice born, I shall narrate to you an incident I personally witnessed.

“‘Way back on earth there lived an previous brahmana woman who worshipped Me daily with managed senses. She faithfully noticed many a quick, particularly on the times honouring Me (Janmasthami, Rama-navami, Vaman Dwadasi, Nrisimha Chaturdasi, Varaha Dwadasi, Gaura Purnima, and so on.) and selflessly served Me with full devotion. Her austerities made her fairly emaciated and weak. She gave charity to brahmanas and to younger maidens (kanyas), and even deliberate to provide away her home in charity. But, though the spiritually minded lady gave charity to worthy folks, oddly, she by no means provided meals to the brahmanas or devas (demigods).

“’I mirrored, concerning the lady and felt she had purified herself by providing Me strict devotional worship by fasting on all auspicious events. She definitely had turn into eligible to enter My private abode, which is a uncommon achievement. So I got here all the way down to this planet to know her queer behaviour. Disguising Myself as a follower of Lord Shiva, full with a garland of skulls draped round My neck and a begging pot (bhiksha patra) in My hand, I approached her.

“’She mentioned, “O respectful one, please inform me in truth, why you will have come right here.” I replied, “O lovely one, I’ve come to beg for some alms.” Listening to this, she obtained indignant and threw a lump of mud into My begging pot! O Narada Muni astonished on the miserliness of this in any other case magnanimous woman, I wordlessly returned to My private abode.

“’Finally this austere woman reached the non secular world with out discarding her earthly physique. So nice was her fasting and charity! I remodeled the lump of mud she had provided Me into a gorgeous house for her. Nevertheless, O Narada, this home was similar to the mud devoid of any edible grains. It had no furnishings or ornamentation, and when she entered it was solely a naked construction. She approached Me and mentioned, “I’ve fasted on so many auspicious events, making my physique weak and skinny. I’ve worshipped You and prayed to You in so many alternative methods for You might be really the grasp and protector of all of the universes. But regardless of all this there isn’t any meals or wealth to be seen in my new house, O Janardana, please inform me why?”

“‘I replied, “Please return house. The wives of the demigods pays you a go to out of curiosity to see the brand new arrival. Don’t open your door till they’ve described to you the glories of Sat-tila Ekadashi.”

“‘The wives of the devas arrived at her house in the end as I had foretold and referred to as out to her, “O lovely one, we devapatnis have come to see you, please open the door.”

“’The woman replied, “O pricey ones, if you need me to open the door, please narrate to me the benefit of observing the sacred quick of Sat-tila Ekadashi.” One of many wives fantastically associated the chic nature of this sacred Ekadashi. And when the brahmana woman lastly opened her door, they noticed that she was not a celestial being like a demigoddess, a Gandharvi, an asuri, or perhaps a Naga-patni. She was simply an odd human being.

“’The woman noticed Sat-tila Ekadashi, which awards each materials enjoyment and liberation on the similar time. She lastly acquired the gorgeous furnishings and grains she had anticipated for her non secular house. Her odd materials physique was remodeled into a gorgeous, non secular sac-cid-ananda kind with a positive complexion. By the grace of Sat-tila Ekadasi, each the girl and her new house within the non secular world had been radiant with gold, silver, jewels, and diamonds.

Lord Krishna’s Recommendation on observing Sat-tila Ekadashi

“’O Narada, an individual mustn’t ostentatiously observe Ekadashi out of greed, with the hope of achieving wealth dishonestly. He ought to selflessly donate sesame seeds, garments, and meals based on his capability, for by doing so he’ll obtain good well being and exalted non secular consciousness, delivery after delivery. Finally, he shall be launched from the bonds of this world (liberation) and granted admittance into the Lord’s supreme abode. That’s my opinion, O better of devarishis.’


“O Dalbhya Muni,” Pulastya Rishi concluded, “One who correctly observes this excellent Sat-tila Ekadashi with nice religion turns into freed from all types of poverty – bodily, psychological, mental, social, and non secular – in addition to all types of unwell luck and evil omens. Certainly, observing this Ekadashi quick by donating, sacrificing, or consuming sesame seeds, undoubtedly frees one in all all previous sins. One needn’t marvel how this occurs. The uncommon soul who correctly performs these acts of charity in the appropriate devotional temper, following the Vedic injunctions, will turn into freed from all sinful reactions and return house again to Godhead!”

This 12 months Sat-tila Ekadashi falls on 28 Jan 2022.

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