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Serial Infidelity and Persona Problems


Serial infidelity has been correlated with persona issues. To be particular, three persona issues; Narcissism, Borderline Persona Dysfunction, and Psychopathy.

It’s essential to level out that not each untrue partner has a persona dysfunction, nor does each partner with some extent of persona dysfunction interact in infidelity.

On the prime of the listing is narcissism. Analysis tells us {that a} narcissist persona is without doubt one of the strongest predictors {that a} partner will probably be untrue.

Narcissists are typically self-centered, overly assured, and useless. They get pleasure from bragging about their accomplishments and displaying themselves to others. They discuss themselves commonly and disparage others that they understand as inferior for no matter purpose.

Borderline Persona Dysfunction is characterised by unstable feelings. They’re companions who’re basically emotionally unstable and inherently unreliable. They’re additionally poorly organized, careless, and self-indulgent. They discover it very tough to withstand temptation, preserve private boundaries, and resist engaging others.

I’ve usually seen instances the place a husband will get concerned with a BPD co-worker. As soon as the affair is ended the borderline affair accomplice will be consumed with rage.

They could stalk and assault their affair accomplice’s spouse on social media. Some will name the spouse and clarify that they’re “ugly” , insufficient, and don’t deserve their husband.

I’ve even seen police involvement in these instances greater than as soon as.

The important downside with BPD is poor impulse management, compromised grownup reasoning, and an lack of ability to self-soothe and specific empathy. In all intimate relationships, together with illicit ones, an individual with Borderline Persona Dysfunction will usually show irrational jealousy, emotional volatility, and will develop into each bodily and emotionally abusive.

For such folks “love” is subordinated to intense emotions of painful craving and highly effective need. Thus, folks with BPD are sometimes compelled to chase companions who’re emotionally unavailable. Their craving is fueled by the chaos and drama of pursuing an unattainable accomplice.

Then again, Psychopathic personalities don’t have any compelling sense of craving. They merely don’t have any sense of private duty. They’re totally careless and irresponsible. They reside within the second, spontaneous and manipulative of their pursuit of enjoyment and self-gratification.

Analysis on Serial Infidelity and Persona Problems

Buss and Shackileford (1997) studied 107 married {couples}. They examined three attainable predictors of infidelity:

  • Persona components resembling narcissism and conscientiousness.

  • The social contexts that intimate relationships inhabit (together with what Gottman calls “perpetual issues”).

The relative “mate worth” of every accomplice.

The researchers used self-reports and spouse-report information on the relative susceptibility to infidelity.  Additionally they used self-reports, spousal experiences, in addition to interviewer experiences on persona, relationship context, and relative mate worth.

Persona components most strongly linked to susceptibility to infidelity have been low conscientiousness, excessive narcissism, and excessive psychoticism.

Relationship contexts most strongly linked to vulnerability to infidelity embody ongoing sexual dissatisfaction and specific perpetual issues resembling a accomplice complaining about feeling jealous.

Serial infidelity and persona issues have now been extremely correlated. However how do these untrue companions clarify their habits?

Serial Infidelity and Persona Problems…How Infidelity is Rationalized

It’s no shock that companions who have been dissatisfied with their relationship have been extra more likely to be untrue.

However the analysis additionally found that companions with a protracted laundry listing of complaints about their companions have been additionally extra more likely to have an affair.

This analysis discovered that there have been particular complaints that predicted infidelity; downside consuming, together with substance abuse, condescending habits, jealousy, and controlling behaviors have been particularly talked about on this examine.

Though narcissism was the persona dysfunction most strongly linked to infidelity, the researchers commented on two different persona traits tied for second place:

“…two equally sturdy predictors of gentle and severe infidelity are low Conscientiousness and excessive Psychoticism. These variables are correlated and share the widespread part of impulsivity and an lack of ability to delay gratification.”

And like Narcissism, Conscientiousness and Psychoticism are stronger predictors of ladies’s anticipated infidelities than males. These findings recommend that maybe girls with persona issues undergo from poorer impulse management than males with persona issues. Nevertheless, I’m certain extra analysis is required earlier than we will be certain of that.

The examine authors put it this manner:

“One of many strongest predictors is Narcissism. Girls excessive on Narcissism predict that they are going to flirt with, kiss, and date different males, in addition to have one-night stands, temporary affairs, and severe affairs with different males.”

In different phrases, in case your partner has a persona marked by impulsivity, low dependability, and low reliability, the chance of infidelity is markedly elevated.

Infidelity sometimes has a extremely corrosive affect on intimate relationships:

“Infidelity often is the most harmful supply of battle inflicted on a wedding. Regardless of its harmful affect, infidelity is estimated conservatively to happen in about half of all marriages.”

Closing Ideas about Serial Infidelity and Persona Problems

This Analysis is sensible when you concentrate on a narcissist’s capacity to create a narrative of their head that they don’t seem to be being handled pretty, that they deserve higher, and many others. 

One factor we’ve discovered from Dr. Gottman’s analysis about belief and dedication is that damaging comparisons are the bedrock of betrayal.

Some companions with a extra fragile sense of self would possibly are inclined to make unfavorable comparisons, considering such ideas as ‘I can do higher’ or ‘I deserve higher’ and many others. after which negatively evaluating your partner to different folks, each actual or imagined. 

That is the form of considering that softens the bottom for an affair. It’s simple to see how a narcissist may repeat this sample in a serial style.

Though clearly even individuals who shouldn’t have narcissistic traits participate in affairs frequently, it’s simple to see how narcissistic traits may current a permanent vulnerability, leading to an elevated chance of affairs.

One factor I discover fascinating about this analysis is the elevated chance of affairs when there’s alcohol abuse, psychopathy, and low conscientiousness. This jogs my memory of Eli Finkel’s writings on Relationship Aptitude.

This implies if you find yourself trying to find a long-term accomplice, it’s extra essential to look previous what you may have in widespread, or the way you complement one another. As an alternative, search for a accomplice who has emotional intelligence, what Dr. Finkel calls a “Relationship Aptitude.”

What’s Relationship Aptitude?

A possible accomplice with Relationship Aptitude has low ranges of neuroticism, has no addictions, and possesses excessive ranges of with the ability to be securely connected and agreeable.

The correlation between these traits of Persona Problems and traits associated to elevated chance of affairs may be very fascinating, as there does appear to a big diploma of overlap.

It additionally is sensible {that a} accomplice with these damaging traits would battle in a relationship after which really feel extra keen to hunt consolation or pleasure from another person when their very own main relationship is on the rocks.

Serial Infidelity and Persona Problems…Studying Relationship Aptitude

So simply as there are persona traits that create vulnerability to infidelity, there’s additionally an idea developed by Dr. Finkel’s analysis crew known as Relationship Aptitude which is protecting of relationships. The excellent news is that Relationship Aptitude is, roughly, by definition, a teachable talent set.

{Couples} therapists are preoccupied with serving to their purchasers enhance their relationship aptitude, and be capable to specific empathy whereas with the ability to see their half within the issues in a relationship and be keen to alter and develop in a constructive course. 

All this whereas serving to them study to have interaction in constructive comparisons which helps construct dedication.

How you concentrate on your relationship issues. Simply as damaging comparisons can gas discontent, constructive comparisons (or, pro-relationship ideas) would contain considering ideas resembling “I’m so fortunate that is my accomplice, they’re so good to me.”

We all know that individuals who have a agency sense of dedication are vigilant, and have agency boundaries towards betrayals and affairs. We may help with that.

Study Relationship Aptitude. Science-Based mostly {Couples} Remedy Can Assist!


The examine was printed within the Journal of Analysis in Persona (Buss & Shackleford, 1997).

Initially printed September 23, 2018.


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