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Within the Christian 12 months 1590 (Sakabda 1512), on the primary day of the intense fortnight of the month of Kartik, in the course of the evening of the pageant Dipamalika, when the homes are embellished with rows of lamps, Sri Rasikananda Deva made his look on this world. His father was Sri Acyuta Deva, the king of Rohini. After passing a few years with out having a male difficulty, Sri Acyuta Deva, by the mercy of Lord Jagannath, was blessed with this jewel of a son. The village of Rohini or Royni was located throughout the nation often called Mallabhumi, encompassed on one facet by the Suvarnarekha River (Suvarna that means golden and rekha, a line). This Suvarnarekha River cleansed the sins of all of the individuals. Close to Royni was one other village of the identify Barayita, by the facet of which flowed the River Dolanganadi, whose banks have been adorned with stunning gardens. Raja Acyuta Deva very affectionately maintained his topics and was well-known for impeccably observing the rites attendant upon kings.

Within the village of Royni the son of King Acyuta appeared because the solar seems within the japanese sky and have become dearly beloved by the individuals. Rasikananda was often known as Murari. As he grew up, shining qualities appeared by levels in his individual that induced the additional exaltation of his household, simply because the waxing moon steadily expands its affect within the evening sky and causes the ocean to rise. At a really younger age he grew to become fairly proficient in all the scriptures. He was very dedicated to his mother and father, particularly his mom, whose identify was Bhavani. His father obtained him married at very younger age. Murari’s spouse Syamadasi was a mine of fine character who hailed from the village of Ghonta Sila, not removed from Royni on the banks of the Suvarna Rekha, the place in days of outdated the Pandavas had lived in exile.

Someday, Murari was sitting in a lonely place, questioning when and the place he would possibly turn out to be so lucky as to get shelter on the lotus ft of a religious preceptor. Simply then a voice from the sky addressed him, “Don’t be in nervousness, you’ll turn out to be the disciple of Sri Syamananda.” Having heard this proclamation, Rasik Murari grew to become very jubilant, and commenced to repeatedly murmur the identify Syamananda, as if chanting japa. From second to second his eagerness elevated with out diminution, as tears flowed from his eyes by his chanting of the identify of Syamananda. He was in such a state that he spend a lot of the evening sleeplessly, calling to his grasp Syamananda. Lastly, in the direction of the early morning, he drifted off to the land of goals, the place he noticed his religious grasp, the very determine of allure and beauty. Smilingly, Syamananda knowledgeable him, “When tomorrow the japanese sky turns into tinged with pink, you’ll receive me.” Saying this, Syamananda disappeared. Rasikananda’s coronary heart started to swell in ecstatic bliss. Then, with the primary rays of morning which dispel the dense darkness of the world, the sensible Murari sat silently watching the trail. After a while Syamananda approached from the gap, trying as superbly effulgent because the solar and surrounded by his disciples like Sri Kishora dasa and others. His smiling face was just like the lotus flower that opens to greet its buddy the solar, and his chest was as broad as a door. His fascinating look was made all of the extra irresistible by the candy sounds of ‘Sri Krishna Chaitanya-Nityananda’ emanating from his lotus mouth. Absorbed in intense love he moved alongside the trail just like the clouds transfer within the sky. When Rasika caught sight of this divine type, he fell down in entrance of him to the touch his lotus ft. In nice ecstasy Shyamananda embraced him and commenced to wash him along with his tears of ecstatic love. Sri Rasika Murari then felt himself to be one of the crucial lucky dwelling beings inside this universe. On an auspicious day Syamananda initiated Rasika and his spouse in Radha-Krishna mantra. After that, Rasikananda started to journey along with his guru, throughout which period he grew to become a really intimate disciple. Syamananda then bestowed upon him the service of Sri Radha- Govinda Deva at Sri Gopiballabhapur. Rasikananda grew to become completely engaged of their Lordships service, and the devotees have been charmed by his wonderful companies.

At Gopiballabhpur and different locations he started to noticeably take up the preaching of the message of Sri Gaura-Nityananda. By his affect many atheists and unbelievers have been remodeled into devotees of Sri Gaura-Nityananda. “By the large affect of Rasikananda’s preaching, many rogues, robbers and atheists have been delivered from their sinful actions and obtained his mercy. He distributed the jewel of devotion even to the infidel Mohammedans, as he travelled from village to village, within the firm of his disciples.

He even transformed the wild elephant which was despatched for his destruction into his disciple and engaged him within the service of Krishna and the Vaisnavas. That depraved miscreant who despatched the elephant, a Mohammedan, bowed at his ft when he realised his mistake. It isn’t potential to rely the variety of dwelling entities that have been extricated from the ocean of fabric existence by Rasikananda Deva’s affiliation.

He was all the time intoxicated with the chanting of the Holy Title. Who can’t however be overwhelmed by listening to about his unusual qualities?” [B.R. 15.86] By Sri Rasikananda’s mercy many Mohammedans, who have been truly simply impious and depraved atheists, grew to become worshipers of the Supreme Lord. Additionally many virtuous kings and zamindars such because the king of Mayurbhanj named Vaidyanatha Bhanj, the king of Patashpur often called Gajapati and Candrabhanu, the king of Moyna, took shelter at his lotus ft. What to talk of these pious and noble gents, even the sinful zamindar Bhima, the Mohammedan Suba Ahmadbeg and the depraved atheist Srikar additionally surrendered themselves at his lotus ft.

A vicious, wild elephant was tamed by Rasikananda’s transcendental affect and henceforward was often called Gopala das. Later, two jungle tigers likewise gave up their ferocious nature.

As soon as on the time of Lord Jagannatha’s Ratha-Yatra pageant Rasikananda Deva was preaching someplace within the nation, however when he realised that it was time for Ratha-Yatra he dropped every little thing and rushed just like the wind to come back to Nilachala. However in the meantime the pageant had already begun. Lord Jagannath, who felt reciprocal separation from His expensive Devotee Rasikananda, induced the Ratha to cease. Although the king summoned his elephants to push the Ratha, on no account might they budge it, not even an inch. Then Lord Jagannatha, seeing that the king was turning into annoyed, knowledgeable him that He was ready for His devotee Rasika.

Lastly Rasikananda Deva arrived, carrying with him many choices of silk garments and different presents. He fell down to supply his dandavats earlier than Lord Jagannatha, and the king requested him to tug the rope at which the cart started to simply transfer alongside the highway, simply because the clouds transfer within the sky. Later the king requested Rasikananda to simply accept a present of land so he would possibly set up a Temple there. Rasikananda requested the place often called Fultota Math, which is now often called Kunja Math. There he put in the Deity of Sri Bat Krishna. The deity is now often called Sri Sri Radha-Rasika Raya.

Sri Sri Radha-Rasika Raya

Accepting the order of his guru, Sri Syamananda, on his head, Rasikananda preached the message of Sri Gaursundar on this planet for roughly 16 years. Thereafter he entered into his everlasting pastimes by means of the lotus ft of Gopinatha at Remuna.

On the primary day of the intense fortnight within the month of Phalguna, Sakabda 1574 (Christian 12 months 1652), Rasikananda quietly slipped out of the village Santa with out anybody’s discover and walked to Remuna. Arriving there, he mentioned Krishna-katha with the devotees there for some time and instructed everybody to serve Sri Krishna with devotion. Then, after requesting them to start sankirtana, he entered the temple of Sri Gopinatha, and after touching Kshira-chora Gopinatha’s lotus ft, which bestow full fearlessness, he entered into their final shelter.

   Rasikananda prabhu’s samadhi is on the Temple of Kshira-chora Gopinath at Remuna.

   Sri Rasikananda had three sons: Sri Radhananda, Sri Krishna-Govinda and Sri Radha-Krishna. The current servants of Sri Sri Radha-Govindadeva at Gopiballabhapur are their descendants. He composed Sri Shyamananda-sataka, Srimad Bhagavatastaka in addition to different hymns and songs.


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