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The Finest Weblog For Non secular Ascension and Awakening


What’s Excessive Vibration?
Let’s start by quantifying what excessive vibration is? And to do that, we’ll take a look at what vitality is. In chapter 1 (Vitality & You) of my e-book Cosmic Messengers, I say that…

“Vitality is an invisible pulse, an nearly untouchable and but tangible power that’s the supply and in addition provider of our ideas, concepts, desires and actions. Vitality while nonetheless at its centre, produces a wave of shifting need, a wave that we will tune into and circulate with, as and once we select. Simply think about that there’s an invisible life stream, an essence, which provides rise to all types of life, whether or not they’re etheric, materials or in any other case. Vitality is the gas, which powers our life and shapes to your needs.

Each cell in your physique is born of vitality. Soul is vitality. Flesh is vitality. Rocks are vitality. Planets are vitality. All is vitality, merely pulsing, shifting and being utilised at various charges in line with the desire and make-up of the vitality physique. Due to this fact, your will, your need, your inside most core, decides the way you’ll utilise and work together with the very material that you just’re manufactured from.

Vitality is each cosmic (or common) and inner in nature, that means that it originates from the supply of all being and is limitless in its scope and software. When you begin to turn out to be conscious of the vitality that’s accessible to you, all method of needs could be achieved simply, as you’re employed with the present and upcoming energetic ebbs and flows”.

Now, vitality is in a continuing state of movement and since you are manufactured from vitality (as a soul and bodily being) you too are shifting on the mobile, atomic, subatomic and quantum degree. It’s the speed at which vitality strikes that we discuss with as its vibration.

The extra dense and heavier an vitality is, the decrease its vibration and the extra open and lighter an vitality is, the greater its vibration. We will measure the pace at which vitality vibrates, by taking a look at its frequency.

Vibrational Frequency
The frequency of a vibration is measured in hertz (Hz). Frequency refers back to the variety of wave lengths vibrating in the identical course per unit of time. So, you might have heard of vibrational frequency? That is the speed at which molecules are shifting. When our physique is mild and of excessive vibration, we’ve got larger readability and energy in our bodily physique, in addition to our emotional, psychological and non secular our bodies, that are energetic in nature.

The Schumann Resonance
Maybe you’ve additionally heard of Earth’s resonant vibrational frequency, which is 7.83Hz? I wrote about it in a latest weblog put up and I report on and predict the way it will shift every week (The Schumann Shifts) in The Tip-Off International Vitality Forecast Earth’s vibration is continually shifting, because it’s being affected by modifications in frequency of cosmic vitality infiltrating Earth’s floor. Plus, it’s additionally affected by the myriad of human beings now elevating their consciousness on Earth and actually growing the resonant (base degree) frequency from 7.83Hz – to extra like a median of between 20-40Hz every day.  

Your Vitality
Now, that we’ve got an understanding of vitality and vibration, let’s take a look at ways in which your vitality and vibration impacts your private home and residing house. Would you say that you just’re a excessive vibration particular person or somebody of a decrease vibration? Certainly, our vibratory charge can and does shift and alter from everyday (typically hour to hour) in alignment with the cosmic vitality, the vitality of all different sentient beings, EMF frequencies pounding Earth and Earth’s vitality, all interacting with each other. We’re in a continuing state of motion. Certainly, there are methods to maintain your vitality excessive. And why would you wish to do that?

Right here a number of the explanation why being in high-vibration is nice on your well being and whole well-being…

  • You’ll really feel extra succesful, as self-doubt diminishes

  • A way of optimism and motivation will increase

  • Your bodily physique has much less ache, with larger robustness, flexibility and vitality

  • Your manifestation talents enhance. As you suppose, so it turns into – rapidly

  • Your compassion and empathy will increase considerably

  • Your relationships deepen and love turns into your resonant wavelength

  • Your pleasure of life sky rockets, alongside together with your potential to simply join with spirit

  • Your empathic and psychic abilities multiply, as does your belief in your instinct

  • Your bodily and non-physical senses enhance. You’re a conductor for good

As you possibly can see, there are appreciable, invaluable explanation why being high-vibration brings nice peace, vitality and reward to your life and path. So, how can we turn out to be excessive vibration and the way can we create and maintain that vitality in our properties and residing house?

Creating Excessive Vibration
At the start, take a second to acknowledge that the vitality which you carry and emit IS the best affect on your private home and residing house. Every of us is chargeable for our degree of vibration.

Listed below are some sensible and simply utilized methods to extend the vibration on all ranges of your being. Keep in mind, that it’s essential take the trouble to do the work in implementing and self-generating a high-vibrational state of being:

  • Take care of your bodily physique. Eat and drink excessive vibration meals and liquids

  • Dwelling grown or natural (pesticide free if attainable) recent greens and fruits provide the highest vibration (non-processed) meals attainable. What you ingest immediately impacts the vibration that you just carry

  • Likewise, take into account that the entire merchandise that you just put onto your pores and skin, physique and in your house and residing house, impacts your vibration. Go for non-toxic, cruelty free as a lot as attainable. Ingesting and utilizing animal merchandise can decrease your vibration given the way in which animals are murdered in our present-day society – with worry and ache of their cells – immediately transferring it to you

  • Carrying excessive vibration stones or materials, naturally sourced –  will increase your physique’s vitality frequency. Your vitality area will strengthen

  • Meditation immediately connects you together with your non secular supply, creating excessive vibration

  • Watch your verbiage – the phrases and language that you just use. Are you being progressive or regressive? Take extra effort to seek out uplifting descriptions to make use of in your day by day conversations. Reward others and really feel that goodness rise in you too

  • Select to encompass your self in media that makes you are feeling good. Flip off what doesn’t. You’ll nonetheless keep knowledgeable of what’s taking place on this planet. Belief me on this. You’ll merely block out 99% of the noise, which lowers your frequency. Plus, you’ll be stronger to take motion and lead out of your high-vibration stance

  • Select to work together with individuals who respect you and your selections. Likewise, do the identical with others. We will have completely different opinions and most-likely will, it’s the respect that creates high-vibration and equality between us

Your Excessive Vibration Dwelling & Residing Area
As quickly as you’re creating your personal high-vibration frequency, your vitality area (which, when totally turned on extends some 50 ft (15 metres) throughout your physique) – instantly and palpably lifts the vibration in your house and residing house. Have you ever ever been round somebody or entered their residence and also you’ve immediately felt good? Maybe, you’ve stated, “Wow I like your vitality” or “I like the vitality in your house”. That good vibration is actual and is what generates the love and therapeutic circulate inside your private house.

Listed below are a few of my high recommendations for elevating the vibration in your house and residing house:

  • Deliver the outside in. Deliver nature to the place you reside. Open the home windows frequently to get airflow shifting

  • Indoor vegetation can thrive out of your vitality and vice versa. A few of the greatest indoor vegetation for elevating vibration are: Aloe Vera (additionally an historical plant of non secular safety), Spider Vegetation (they actually develop on air), Snake Vegetation, Rubber Vegetation, Peace Lily, Rosemary, Lavender, Palms, Cash Vegetation (nearly any succulent truly – I like all of them)

  • Plus, convey vegetation into your backyard or balcony. Herbs make fantastic vitality lifters and have the double affect of smelling wonderful and can be utilized in your recent salads

  • Clear your private home properly, a minimum of as soon as per week. Objects that by no means transfer preserve the vitality caught and in low vibration – as does a build-up of grime. Attempt to preserve your private home neat, moderately than messy. The state of the interiors and exteriors of the house, will affect your psychological and emotional state of being and total well being

  • Take into account investing in some salt lamps. I’ve been utilizing them for years in my residence. Salt is thought to neutralise extra constructive ionic cost within the air (which is given off by the entire electronics we use nowadays). Too many constructive ions could make us really feel ungrounded and headachy – suppose what occurs when we’ve got a photo voltaic flare impacting Earth’s electromagnetic area. Even putting bowls of salt round your home, will do the identical job

  • In the event you’re an vitality healer, ship Reiki or related vitality into your private home

  • Likewise, frequently do an vitality cleanse with music and or smudging/sageing

  • I convey massive items of quartz crystal into my residing house – to AMPLIFY my vitality. I’ve carried out so for a few years now. Having minerals in your house, across the areas the place you sleep and/or work and spend plenty of time, naturally enhance the vibration

  • Take into account de-cluttering. Take away and provides away objects that include vitality and reminiscences that you just not want to take up, as you create extra open house

  • Play music in your house that you just love and that resonates together with your soul

  • I like to make use of a vaporiser/diffuser each day in my residence. I place my favorite important oils into the water, to infuse the air that I breathe with the high-vibration of important oils that I like and resonate with

  • Place objects in your house that mirror who YOU are. So, that you just obtain peace, camaraderie and love if you take a look at them and join with them

Excessive-Vibe Locations on The Planet
Maybe, you’re stressed the place you reside otherwise you simply know that it’s time to maneuver? Or maybe, you’re planning a transfer, someday sooner or later? Certainly, a transfer of residence, state and even nation can herald a complete new degree of consciousness. Keep in mind, (nonetheless) that wherever you go – you’re taking YOU with you. Your vibration is essential…

Listed below are a few of my recommendations of what to search for in a high-vibration residing house on Earth:

  • Search for someplace that has an abundance of nature and wildlife

  • Take into account having house round you. This offers you the power to know your self deeply and relaxation your thoughts, with out being cluttered with the possibly conflicting ideas of hundreds of others

  • Search for nations and cities which are much less polluted and are nonetheless in contact with nature

  • Take into account cities which have an abundance of pure assets to faucet into. See in the event that they maintain native produce markets and if meals is grown regionally

  • Search for an area that has a wealthy indigenous tradition. Analysis the vitality of the land and other people and see if it resonates with you

  • Look into the non secular vitality of the land and see if there are any ley line or historical energy factors on the land that may amplify your frequency

  • Most of all, go together with YOUR instinct. Soul leads us the place we should be for our highest good. After we belief on this name, we heal lifetimes and create the house for high-vibration to circulate

I perceive that not everybody could have the choice of residing of their excellent Earth house. Nonetheless, as you’ve seen, there are lots of sensible steps you could implement immediately, to shift your vibration, wherever you might be.

I belief that this weblog put up has given you some readability and inspiration in regards to the significance of excessive vibration residing. From June 2019, a New Earth vitality template arrives and high-vibe and high-frequency will turn out to be catch phrases that actually turn out to be on a regular basis phrases in our society.


Let me know in feedback what your high-vibration practices are. And, in the event you’ve moved some the place high-vibe on the planet, share the place that is and why you find it irresistible a lot!

All through June, I’m making ready us each day for this New Earth frequency, as I focus on what it’s, why it’s right here and I element methods to work with it in The Tip-Off International Vitality Forecast…

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Elizabeth x

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