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The Greatest Weblog For Non secular Ascension and Awakening


Since early final week, you’ll have seen that the SOUNDS throughout you could have been denser and intensely shut. Sure? It’s like we’ve been surrounded in a terrific cosmic sound chamber and it’s as if all we will hear (intrinsically) is our personal respiration, our personal heartbeat, our personal footsteps ~ our personal consciousness.

Maybe your head has felt prefer it’s been wrapped up and padded, such as you’re sporting a helmet of kinds? We’ve been energetically re-engineering full new variations of ourselves. That’s why you’ll have felt like being in your individual area, wanting to achieve out and join with others and but feeling that you might want to sit with this nice morphing of power happening inside you.

As 2018 concluded (the 11 Grasp 12 months), nice optimism and lightness was felt by so many in our neighborhood. We welcomed within the 3-Common 12 months with no planetary retrogrades and the primary eclipse season of 2019. It was the second of those eclipses, the Complete Lunar Eclipse on January 20/21 which was a Tremendous Blood Moon Complete Lunar Eclipse, that created a cosmic portal. This portal served to join souls who’re already working on Earth on a fifth dimensional consciousness (that’s most individuals in our neighborhood) with a new stage aircraft of all-possibility.

You’ll have felt the nice must break freed from constraints, to be free and unencumbered by guidelines and rules. The nice urge to be right here and now, creating consciousness of your presence and watching time evaporate, because the lag between thought and actuality ~ merely vanished. Are you with me to date?

In brief, we wanted this to occur if we’re to proceed into 2019 and extra importantly into 2020 (the Aquarian age) as genuine reality bringers. 

This Tuesday/Wednesday relying on the place you reside on the planet will probably be one other Tremendous Full Moon – the LARGEST of 2019. Have you ever seen it forming? At this cosmic occasion, we will probably be out of the sound chamber, which opened up eventually month’s Tremendous Moon Eclipse. We’ll be propelled into a brand new life – a parallel life which has been ready for us to leap into since 2019 started.  

Think about that your life has shifted gears, like a prepare being directed to alter tracks. You had been heading in a single course, however now it might really feel that you simply’re going fully in a unique course. Are you able to relate? I liken this to the parallel lives principle, the place completely different variations of you (all prospects) are taking place without delay. We merely select which model and dimensional frequency to function underneath. How will we select? By our will. By our need to expertise pleasure, unity and the upper stage working aircraft on planet Earth. If you happen to’ve been wanting a greater life, one with that means and fulfilment, you’ll hear me on this one. You’ll be altering tracks.

All I preserve listening to is that we’ve moved to the realm of prospects that’s the seventh dimension. And it is a actual area (simply look into superstring principle). This can be a area which you can function underneath while dwelling your on a regular basis life. How? By merely accepting that point has evaporated. You exist inside timelessness and which you can change any consequence by focusing again to the unique trigger and re-imagine it otherwise, from inception to conclusion. In different phrases, if you function on 7D nothing is ready in stone. You’ve the facility to alter all outcomes. Are you seeing this already?

The opposite side of 7D is the deep stage of connectedness with fellow souls of the sunshine. We need to attain out and be in unity. There may be an elevated sensitivity to mild and FREEDOM of EXPRESSION is a thirst, a prime precedence. You discover methods round all the pieces. You discover the options simply by smashing paradigms along with your new-found actions.

During the last 8 years, I’ve been talking in regards to the NEW HUMANS creating on Earth. Others have spoken about this too and lots of felt that this meant a fusion of humanity and AI. I by no means felt that this was the fusion going down. I felt that it was a extra deeply non secular human and now I see why. The New Human is the one which treats all different sentient beings with compassion because the unifying thread – it’s what we’re morphing into now. 

This week’s SUPER FULL MOON, will convey with it a swift change. Winds will choose up globally, we’ll be out of the sound chamber and into a brand new sphere of making. We then have till subsequent month’s remaining Tremendous Full Moon of 2019 (on March 20/21 at Equinox) to see the outcomes of the brand new life we’re forming.

MARCH 20, 2019 sees a spectacular Cosmic Kite Trapezium geometry type in our skies, the likes of which I’ve not seen earlier than. I’ll reveal extra on this quickly.

WOW…I’m loving that I can report this vital motion to you all.

Observe my every day power forecasts for navigating this particular second in historical past. Let me understand how you relate to this, your questions and please share far and large. Let’s get this highly effective info on the market. It could assist many. I like you

Elizabeth x

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