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The Greatest Weblog For Non secular Ascension and Awakening


So, allow us to start by trying on the vitality stream which so many souls have come to Earth to create and enact upon, that being at its essence, the good ‘path of affection’. Simply think about, that from the roughly 108 billion individuals who have ever lived on Earth, you’re right here NOW. Your soul is right here for one of many nice transitions of humanity. You’re right here to do your finest in bringing ahead the sunshine that you’re. Expressing your self by means of utilizing your innate ‘pure’ expertise earned from lifetimes of experiences on Earth and elsewhere. You’re right here to in the end shine your soul forth, expressing love (the ability of the universe), as you elevate and uplift our planet by exhibiting us who you actually are (mild being). And you’ll be taught to do that by (at first) immersing into the darker, heavier vitality on Earth after which coming to seek out and respect your mild and sweetness inside this – transmuting the negativity and rising above it, by means of the journey of human evolution.

The final word objective of path 1 is UNITY of the destructive and optimistic, darkish and lightweight – residing in equal stability with these forces in your on a regular basis existence. So, you continue to expertise duality (mild and darkish) however you will have the next understanding of it and are usually not consumed by it.

Now, this may increasingly all sound surreal and even unimaginable to you, but I encourage you to remain open to the deeper actuality that creates our bodily dwelling. For tens of hundreds (probably lots of of hundreds) of Earth years, humanity has been centered upon the world of matter, and on a predominately bodily existence (3D actuality) on Earth. Certainly, there have been many inside each technology who’ve woken up inside the maze of human life (with its psychological, bodily and emotional challenges) they usually’ve recognised the soul that they’re. They’ve woke up to their non secular origins and have lived as a human, realizing that they’re a soul. But these particular ones, have usually been inside the minority inside every nice civilisation. That’s ‘probably’ – till now. 

2020 – 2030 Main Your Soul’s Path

Because the yr 2000 and the good conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter (which occurs as soon as once more in ‘Aquarius’ in December 2020) we have now been waking as much as our non secular origins in ever-increasing numbers. Have you ever woken up and been on the trail of remembering who you, at ‘some level’ over the previous 20 years? So, many have. Since 2000, and the exponential development of expertise and the rise of the digital world, we’ve been extra linked than ever, permitting us to share ideas and concepts that spark our soul – making a domino-like impact. This has given rise to a worldwide inhabitants who now consider (within the majority – particularly these aged between 18 – 49) that life exists after demise and that there’s a larger common energy.

Humanity’s Nice Wake-Up Name and Re-set
And so, on the introduction of 2020 the Covid-19 world pandemic has modified our world without end and seemingly ‘so shortly’. But, for individuals who have been consciously working with the 5D (fifth dimensional vitality template of creation) which embedded round our planet in June 2019, that is no nice shock. We knew that the outdated 3D techniques would break down shortly, particularly as we started transitioning into the Aquarian astrological age in January, however even nonetheless, the speed at which life is shifting, is unimaginable. This certainly does point out, that we have now sufficient awake souls, able to all transfer (without delay) into the next vibration way of life upon Earth.

Staying at Dwelling (going inside, with much less distractions) – What a possibility to be taught and develop
With a 3rd of the Earth’s inhabitants now in a a lot quieter mode than they’ve been for millennia, we lastly have the ‘mass’ alternative to be with ourselves, one thing that few folks ever give to themselves. It’s if you’re quieter, not out and about on a regular basis procuring, socialising, consuming, consuming, going to reveals and group sports activities, being on the treadmill of life and many others. that you may really give your self a possibility to mirror, renew and ‘know your self’.

One of many key causes of ache and loneliness on our planet has been the disconnection from our personal soul. Having a robust inside ‘soul’ connection provides you objective, which means and inspiration – it instills love and self-worth. Whenever you’re linked to your supply (soul) you’ll naturally prime your self up every day (fulfill your self), so that you simply’re not at all times in search of that subsequent excessive ‘outdoors’ of your self to offer the achievement.


  • Dedicate a while to your self every day for actions that allow you to to know your self. Use any quieter intervals that you’ve for private improvement. Begin to journal your inside reflections – write them down. Conduct your personal ‘at dwelling’ Sacred Imaginative and prescient Quest, Non secular Retreat or Be taught How To Meditate and Be Nonetheless

  • Observe Guided Meditations that allow you to to know who you’re and that may facilitate solutions alongside your inside quest

  • Re-create your profession path. Resolve that you simply’ll contribute what you like and what you’re good at to society and make that grow to be your residing. Whenever you work (contribute your abilities) in an space that fulfills you, your vitality area will naturally improve, which in flip provides to the high-vibration and acutely aware understanding of the 5D non secular actuality on our planet. Whenever you’re residing a high-vibration life, others will choose up in your inside calm and positivity. This in flip helps them to additionally shift their lives onto a path that’s peace loving too. Completely happy, linked folks not often battle or grow to be annoyed. They merely create a world round them that has no room for worry to exist. And in flip, this units us all on a path of unity, love and acceptance. The extra of us who can have interaction in every day actions that make our souls sing, the higher instance we set for others to do the identical. It all begins with you – it’s so vital to be a job mannequin for others

  • Resolve to dwell a cleaner, higher-vibration way of life that respects all sentient beings of the sunshine. It’s possible you’ll select a plant-based weight loss plan (if it fits you) as a option to improve your well being and lift your vibration. From my private expertise, after I first awakened within the mid 1990’s, I naturally adopted my instinct, which on the time informed me to grow to be vegetarian. I liked animals and couldn’t eat them anymore. Through the years I’ve grow to be vegan and (personally) I credit score this for protecting me wholesome, high-vibration, bodily ageing much less, stuffed with vitality and lightweight and importantly, linked ‘deeply ‘with my non secular supply. The identical goes for the merchandise that you simply put in your pores and skin, use in your house and in your work. Create acutely aware selections. Take care of your footprint on our planet. That is all in alignment with being personally accountable – which is the precursor to self-governance

  • It’s additionally important to maintain your bodily physique sturdy and match, this in flip creates a wholesome psychological and emotional vitality area. No matter train works for you, no matter ‘you like’ – do it, on a regular basis

  • If we will have lots of of hundreds of individuals engaged on their self-development, practising self-responsibility, meditating, being thoughtful of their fellow souls of the sunshine – and importantly residing on objective, then we’ll create a CRITICAL MASS of individuals exuding the high-vibration vitality frequency of affection, peace, private freedom, concord and pleasure. We’ll all be making accountable and sensible selections that see us devoting more room to stability, household, play and private time. What this WILL do is create a large wave of positivity that may affect all of us. That is the trail to self-governance that may be achieved on planet Earth. Every of us is then taking care of ourselves, with the final word impact being that each soul is cared and equipped for. The present fear-based media conglomerates that work with old-style 3D governments and establishments (to maintain us managed and asleep) may have the oxygen sucked out of them, the home of playing cards will topple and the outdated regimes of inequality will grow to be irrelevant. This may increasingly appear far-fetched, however it could occur. We additionally did not assume that the entire world could be dropped at its knees in 2020 – nevertheless it’s occurred. Imagine within the energy of the person to rise. We’re on the trail to a 5D actuality on Earth, with each soul being conscious of who they’re and respecting their energy with knowledge and integrity.

There’s additionally a second path that we might transfer alongside over the remaining months of 2020, which is able to then influence our subsequent decade and past. This second path, depends upon folks ‘not waking up’ and as a substitute wanting to return to the best way issues had been in 2019. This vitality stream is akin to being in a relationship that you understand wants to finish, however each folks stay in a quandary, feeling uncomfortable and ultimately one or the opposite ends it – badly. Most of us have skilled this state of affairs in some unspecified time in the future. It teaches us that when you understand one thing isn’t proper and it must shift, the perfect factor to do is to deal with the state of affairs (because it unfolds) and transfer it to decision. This retains everybody’s vitality excessive and isn’t damaging, however constructive.

If we enable the worry of Covid-19 and subsequent way of life shifts to come up with us, it could quickly diminish our non secular connection and private energy base. Concern incites negativity and retains folks managed and trapped. The outdated 3D techniques, are attempting to maintain their paradigms alive in 2020, however they know they’re up in opposition to it. It is advisable to know this too! The very last thing we might need, is for a world conflict to interrupt out, with ensuing famine, oppression and extra deaths and a waste of lives (which is feasible over the subsequent ten years if we don’t take this chance to evolve – critically). Any such warring vitality is beneath us and never of the fifth dimensional frequency. You could have a definite selection proper now and the making of it, begins in your very houses, with the way you deal with your households, associates, neighbours and wider public. The way you conduct your self (with everybody round you) is influencing all of us. You possibly can’t conceal your vitality area. We ALL really feel you and are impacted by your thought streams and actions.

If we do go down the trail of additional oppression, as we focus upon rising worry, criticism (quite than critique) and a slant in direction of negativity (quite than the optimistic), it may very well be a protracted, sluggish street again. The destructive, fearful, dis-empowering (and probably damaging) path on Earth is a well-worn one. It might really feel acquainted to you and therefore, why you at all times select to stroll upon it. However, this time round, you possibly can consciously select to take the path much less worn – the brand new path that heads in direction of a New Earth. You’re creating it, with every ‘realizing’ step that you simply take in direction of it.

Certainly, we do come to Earth (as souls in bodily kind) to expertise ‘duality’ the forces of excellent and unhealthy, love and worry, optimistic and destructive. Collectively these forces make-up oneness, however on 3D Earth they appear like very separate and distinct forces. Therefore, why we strive them each out, we pattern each – to review both sides in depth, one thing that isn’t so potential again dwelling within the non secular dimension – which is an area of pure unity.

The destructive line has been lauded a lot on Earth over hundreds of years, that many people are born into household lineages that gravitate in direction of this vitality stream. It then makes it a ‘exhausting push’ so that you can get away of this line and intentionally select to focus your intent on the optimistic elements of humanity and Earth life. You are able to do it. Soul loves a problem.

Now, within the midst of overlapping duality and unity, life can and can appear chaotic. That is what we’re experiencing in 2020 and certainly, have been ever since 2010 – with rising pressure. We have to keep centered and true to the visions that we maintain for the way ‘we would like’ life to look over the approaching a long time, even lots of and hundreds of years.

You are able to do this proper now and certainly you should. Irrespective of how a lot you get sucked into the worry based mostly techniques struggling for dominance on our planet, at all times keep true to your soul’s final larger objective – keep in mind who you’re after which just be sure you act like who you’re. Know that there are tens of millions of souls on Earth, identical to you, who’re additionally creating an empowered 5D future.

Collectively, we are going to create a brand new day. We should be affected person, dedicate to our visions and by no means, ever quit. In spite of everything, it’s possible you’ll be again right here in the future and we would like you to expertise the best potential imaginative and prescient for Earth in ten thousand years from now. Maintain it now and venture it forth.

Now, in conclusion, what I’m about to say is of ‘main significance’ in serving to us to create the trail of an empowered future actuality – The New Earth – and your coronary heart is the important thing…

Your coronary heart area must have a clear vitality area round it in an effort to absolutely emit the total efficiency of your soul. Concern, distrust, fear and concern have to be wiped out of your vitality area. To do that, you’ll have to make acutely aware moment-to-moment choices to behave in another way by not partaking in low-level, fear-based conditions. Avoid them.

Your coronary heart is the ‘soul chamber’ in your bodily physique. It’s the emitter and receiver of affection – which, is a positive wave type of electrical energy that’s the very cloth of our universe. So, what you possibly can ‘personally’ do to maintain your self clear and excessive – is so vital.

Look to the place ‘in your life’ you’re holding onto any anger, disgrace, hatred, judgement or anxiousness. Are you holding it in your vitality area? Is it dis-empowering you? If that’s the case, it’s possible you’ll really feel a tightness in your chest round your coronary heart, which is doing its finest to burst forth and carry you larger.

Your coronary heart should be free to specific your soul’s essence. Should you can clear your personal vitality area and free your coronary heart, our optimistic wave, will likely be unstoppable. We’ll deliver spirit to the bodily framework and the lengthy desired ‘Heaven on Earth’, ‘The Golden Age’ – will grow to be actuality. And that’s one thing, which is firmly, a potential future path…

JOIN WITH US – Beloved one, for the previous 20 years, I’ve been doing my finest every day to help in making a society of woke up, cosmically aligned souls right here on Earth, providing my soulful work to the globe. It’s by means of The Tip-Off World Vitality Forecast, that I’ve been writing (and talking) every week since 2003, that hundreds of souls globally have woken as much as their non secular origins and are selecting to create lives of prosperity, understanding and bodily liberation. You possibly can too. Collectively, we’re making that crucial distinction and I couldn’t be prouder of each certainly one of you. I invite you to grow to be a member of The Tip-Off. The help that you simply obtain from me every day is immense and contributes to your and our globe’s ever rising cosmic evolution.

Please give me your suggestions within the feedback beneath. I welcome your loving interactions ♡

Sending you my love and help, as you…expertise your soul
Elizabeth ♡


Victoria Joy
I am an independent lady, working hard to share my ideas from my experiences to the whole world. I want people to be happier and to understand that your life is very very important. Walk with me and experience the beauty this world can offer by following simple logical steps.


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