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The Greatest Weblog For Non secular Ascension and Awakening


Certainly, with our large heart-opening underway since October 2019, vitality has been launched via the HEART, LUNGS, THROAT, THYMUS, THYROID, BRAIN and from an brisk standpoint the center, excessive coronary heart, throat, third eye and finally the CROWN chakras.
Many (whether or not contaminated with a bodily virus or not) have been experiencing coronary heart palpitations, thymus fluttering, migraines, coughing and clearing of phlegm from the lungs, since late 2019. Are you able to relate?

It’s fascinating that covid-19 is a CORONAvirus – the crown like spikes on the virus give it this identify. Corona certainly means ‘The Crown – a glowing circle of sunshine – a HALO’ – the last word gateway of in-flowing cosmic vitality. When the center chakra opens, it sends vitality up from the Earth into the thymus, pineal and pituitary glands and thus prompts our larger consciousness. The vitality of the top can then extra simply DROP down into the center and produce above to beneath, beneath to above. This outcomes, is an conscious – cosmically related human being that thinks and acts with their coronary heart.

Since October 2019, humanity has observed an enhance in psychological exercise. Many have reported a marked rise in anxiousness, bouts of melancholy and an incapability to sleep – as their brainwave speeds have elevated. That is in direct correlation to integrating 5D vitality, which is fast paced in comparison with 3D. To anchor and decelerate ideas, one must be coming from the center centre in all communications. That is one thing that’s now starting to occur en masse (and can take time for individuals to get used to the brand new wave of ‘pondering from the center’). And all of those adjustments have been in direct correlation with The Schumann Resonance which has been amplifying to unprecedented quantity ranges – together with as much as a HUGE energy of 170, solely three weeks in the past. The bottom line frequency is 7.83Hz.

Together with all of those adjustments, having a reference to a deep that means and goal in our life is important. In fact, many individuals haven’t had this, haven’t been in search of it and NOW it’s being compelled upon them. Social isolation – being with the ‘self’ with out distractions (as is going on now ) with an imminent world-wide lock down interval inevitable, might be a catalyst for a whole bunch of thousands and thousands, maybe billions of individuals to decelerate and naturally be drawn WITHIN.

As we all know, having a religious connection has nothing to do with faith (which apparently will now be fully disrupted with individuals being unable to attend companies) and every little thing to do with having a belief within the soul, the religious actuality, which exists inside and thru each dwelling being. We’re all religious beings by nature. It’s the religious dimension, which supplies rise to the bodily and our human existence. I’ve been mentioning the necessity for a rising ‘cosmic tradition’ for a few years now and at last it’s occurring. We should flip our consideration inside (to know ourselves) and develop our consciousness of our accountable place throughout the cosmos. We’re cosmic residents first and human residents second.

Certainly, the rise of the cosmic female (the vitality stream, which exists inside females and males alike) has been on the rise over the previous 100 years, with an acceleration for the reason that 1960’s. An appreciation, acceptance and full steadiness with the cosmic male must be achieved earlier than we may be an enlightened, open, 5D acutely aware, cosmic society. And it’s occurring in 2020 at GREAT SPEED. The work that so many courageous ladies and men have put in over the previous 100 years – to result in female equality, is now bearing wealthy fruit. The Aquarian period of steadiness and collaboration – equality for ALL sentient beings of the sunshine is coming to bear.

Certainly, it’s notable that some experiences are exhibiting that extra males than ladies are passing with the coronavirus (early ideas, being that ESTROGEN – the female hormone – could possibly be a protectant in ladies) and that youngsters are far much less prone to extreme outcomes. Maybe rising our consumption of estrogen wealthy meals will helps us all? Whereas the scientific analysis is underway for causes for why that is, ‘energetically’ may or not it’s that wholesome youngsters are much less prone to coronavirus as a result of they’re much less weighed down by the outdated 3D life (stresses and mobile recollections)? Kids and people born since 2000 (particularly) are extra acutely aware than older adults and are extra used to working beneath the 5D vitality subject.

Might it even be that those that have maintained a powerful consciousness and religious connection, dwelling a wholesome and compassionate way of life are additionally in a greater place to see this virus via? Time will inform.

Since late 2019, I’ve been saying that the over the following 10 years, we’ll see larger advances than we have now up to now 10,000 years. The following decade is pivotal. Previous management methods which have saved individuals following blindly, are actually collapsing at an accelerated charge. They have to be, so as to get replaced by new balanced methods of self-governance and enterprise and social respect that deal with all as equal. When our well being is affected, we’re ALL on the identical stage.

Particularly, on December 21, 2020 (at solstice) Saturn and Jupiter will each conjoin and appear like ONE brilliant star in our evening skies. This final occurred in 2000 and might be a TURNING level for the rising of consciousness on Earth. We now have 9 months to cleanse and clear in preparation for a NEW day. All is nicely underway.

That is what I stated in late 2019… “Beginning in January 2020, constructing all year long and peaking in December (when Saturn and Jupiter will each auspiciously meet in Aquarius) gateways of cosmic consciousness speed up our affinity with the celebs and a remembrance of who we’re. The nice cosmic legacy, that we’re right here to uphold lastly takes flight “

Certainly, I really feel it should take the globe at the least the following FIVE years to maneuver via the huge adjustments that may happen due to coronavirus, as we re-build on a brand new, acutely aware extra human and compassionate, heart-based stage. Our alternative is right here and YOU are right here for this.

What the world wants NOW (and at all times has) however NOW (particularly) in massive numbers – is acutely aware management. One thing that I’m most constantly right here to assist all with and have been ever since I wakened and moved onto my life goal path in 2000.

When you’ve been awake for a number of years and are a healer or religious coach – your companies might be in HUGE demand over the following decade. Do you keep in mind me saying in The Aquarian Name that spirituality might be going mainstream? It’s underway. Belief within the course of. See the larger image. VISIONARIES ARE CALLED FOR.

BELOW IS MY FUTURE TREND ANALYSIS – of life potentials due to and after Coronavirus – THE SILVER LININGS


Victoria Joy
I am an independent lady, working hard to share my ideas from my experiences to the whole world. I want people to be happier and to understand that your life is very very important. Walk with me and experience the beauty this world can offer by following simple logical steps.


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