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The Greatest Weblog For Religious Ascension and Awakening


Let’s start by exploring the bodily points of your temples. Beneath your temples is the assembly level of 4 bones, the parietal, frontal, temporal and the better ‘wing’ of the sphenoid bone. This complete area is named the ‘pterion’ named after the Greek phrase for ‘wings’, which has esoteric associations with Mercury/Hermes The Messenger of the Gods who’s depicted sporting a cap with wings on both aspect of the temples. We’ll transfer onto the deeper which means and symbology of this shortly.

The pterion is subsequently, the thinnest/weakest a part of your cranium, with a main artery ‘the center meningeal artery’ working proper beneath it. For this reason a blow to the again or high of the pinnacle can put sufficient strain onto the temples to trigger both a deadly fracture or a rupture to the massive artery, leading to a mind bleed. Named after the temporal bone (which pertains to the passing of time with the hair close to the temples turning gray first) the temples additionally denote the rising of knowledge. In brief, it’s a extremely delicate space, bodily and likewise ‘spiritually’. The temples are additionally considered named after the Greek phrase ‘temenos’ which refers to sacred areas which might be revered and ‘set-apart’ for worshiping the divine. Certainly, your temples do serve this function.

From a religious and bodily perspective, it’s the assembly level of the pterion ‘underneath the temples’ that holds particular curiosity.


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