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Values in Cognitive Science – The Brains Weblog


We’re delighted to announce the following in our collection of Brains Weblog Roundtables. The subject of this dialogue is values in cognitive science!

Please be a part of us and our nice panelists, Sam Liao (College of Puget Sound), Uwe Peters (College of Bonn and Cambridge College), and Morgan Thompson (Bielefeld College), for an ideal dialogue! We discuss concerning the difficulties in finding out value-laden ideas, how values form cognitive science inquiry, controversies surrounding implicit bias, and even some aesthetics!

Please see under for hyperlinks to materials cited within the video. Earlier roundtables will be seen at philosophyofbrains.com/class/roundtables.

Sam Liao

Web site: liao.shen-yi.org

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Uwe Peters

Web site: uwepeters.weebly.com

Uwe Peters. Algorithmic political bias in synthetic intelligence programs. Philosophy and Expertise. philpapers.org/rec/PETAPB

Morgan Thompson

Web site: morgankthompson.com

Morgan Thompson. Psychological Analysis on Racial Microaggressions: Neighborhood Science and Idea Explication. In Microaggressions and Philosophy. Eds. Lauren Freeman and Jeanine Weekes Schroer. Routledge. morgankthompson.com/analysis.html

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Different Students Cited:

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Keith Payne:  bkpayne.internet.unc.edu/publications/


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