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What IS Sound Therapeutic and How does it work?


By Jill Mattson

I’ve labored within the discipline that I really feel is greatest referred to as Sound Therapeutic for over 30 years. I’ve seen this endeavor develop dramatically by way of fundamental understanding, purposes and variety of individuals. I deeply know that we’re non secular beings; composed of matter and power with a divine side. Conventional drugs solely works on our “matter” part… on our bodily our bodies. Sound Therapeutic works on all facets of our being – bodily, energetic, emotional, mental and non secular.

To realize a glimpse of what we perceive of the topic, we should assessment some vital scientific breakthroughs. Science has been catching up with our advanced human nature, however there may be nonetheless a solution to go. Early within the twentieth century, physicists started to unravel a a lot better understanding of the universe round us. They (Einstein) proved that matter and power have been basically the identical issues and the well-known equation: E=mc2 is thought to all. Replicate a second on how profound that is: Vitality & matter are the identical – simply totally different kinds or states of every thing. To assist perceive this, contemplate one thing not exactly the identical, however analogous: ice and liquid water and steam are all totally different – but additionally the identical factor – WATER. Our universe and our actuality are multi-layered, entwined.

Equally wonderful, across the similar time (early within the twentieth century), different physicists formulated quantum physics idea. Some penalties of the quantum state reveal that actuality consists of parts with a “wave” and a “particle” nature. That is extra proof of our advanced, multidimensional nature – we’re particle-like (like minuscule bits of matter) and we’re wave-like (frequency). Additional, all power is frequency and in addition, all matter is frequency. Quantum physics launched another wonderful ideas – such because the observer is a vital part within the universe – and that distant particles may be entwined and inseparable. Whenever you act on one particle, you immediately impression the opposite – even at nice distances – nevertheless, we don’t want to enter these. Simply ponder … now we have proof optimistic that the universe is way over meets the attention. So, what does that imply for us?

As I stated above, conventional drugs (particularly western drugs) works solely in your bodily physique. That is efficient once you reduce your finger and also you want a sew… nevertheless, it neglects super prospects. Frequency IS power… once you run your microwave, you utilize microwave frequencies to work together with the meals molecules that you simply warmth. However frequency has vastly extra potential. Sound Vitality can work on our bodily our bodies (you may apply sound power to the physique to assuage sore muscle groups; you may view contained in the physique with a sonogram; Sound can decrease blood strain) and works on our energetic facets. We (us in our entirety) are a set of frequencies always vibrating, producing vital life assist processes (the center beats with electrical power; the mind produces mind waves that have an effect on states of consciousness). We want the fitting frequencies – within the right amount – in concord! Sound Vitality can work together with and have an effect on (heal) many physique programs… approach past what you most likely suspect. Frequency additionally impacts our psychological states and energies (easy examples: keep in mind how music can impression our feelings and our mind; how highly effective can Mozart be … or a scary film soundtrack).

To repeat: Frequency IS power. There are practically infinite frequencies – from very excessive power to extraordinarily low power (X-rays are harmful; some frequencies are so low power they’re troublesome to detect). Frequency (cycles per second) may be extraordinarily “quick” to very “gradual”. Religious guides have lengthy understood a type of power referred to as “Refined” power that has by no means been instantly detected. Based on many: Refined power underpins some components of our Religious lives. Sound Vitality consists of just about limitless frequencies that provide highly effective technique of interacting with our world and serving to us. I contend that Sound Vitality may even attain our Religious natures by means of Sound’s capability to work together with Refined power. Amazingly, Historic Masters knew that sure sounds, music, and notes might have an effect on consciousness and physic capability. They knew that shapes and dimensions (Sacred Geometry) might work with Sound and produce profound outcomes. The principle level right here: We’re far more than bodily animals and Sound Vitality affords the means to succeed in us on bodily, energetic and non secular planes.

Jill Mattson


Victoria Joy
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